Pre-Birthday Celebration Getaway @ Isla Gigantes

Last time, I posted here our travel adventure at Isla Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo. It was actually my pre-birthday celebration. This year is the most memorable birthday I ever had, why? Because I was able to celebrate my 36th birthday the way I love to – travelling!

Yes, as I have mentioned in my previous post, Isla Gigantes Travel Guide, one of the things I truly love is travelling. If only I can have a job where I get to travel for free, I will immediately leave my current job for it! No kidding!

Anyway, last February 25, 2016, I had my pre-birthday celebration when my husband and I had a sort of “travelling date”. We went to Isla Gigantes. It was one of the places here in the country that I have been wishing to go and finally I was able to had a chance to experience and be awed by the beauty of this famous and not-yet-too-commercialized placed in the country.

What also made this getaway memorable for me was that, I was with my husband, so we were able to have 2 days and 2 nights of quality time together, I was able to drag him to join me with my favorite activity (getaway adventure/travel). You know, it’s not that he hates travelling, but he’s just not fond of it before. Also, this getaway was a tour package for a cheap price so I get to enjoy the vacation without having to worry about the accommodation, food, unforeseen expenses and the like. Plus, I get to meet new friends!

Though it was a tiring getaway due to long hours of travel (approximately 5 hrs from Tagbak, Terminal to Isla Gigantes), all was worth it. I got more than what I paid for! The island hopping and the pictures we’ve taken are amazingly priceless! Actually, I am planning to get back there soon, together with our daughter. Oh, I really can’t get enough of the place. Next time, we will do the spelunking.

Having another year is truly a blessing. Before, I love to give myself material things whenever it’s my birthday, or birth month, now, as I realized that I want to spend more on travelling. This is just the start, I am planning and expecting more travels (either for business or leisure) within this year.

Please see more photos here: Isla Gigantes Travel Adventure

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