Cheap Isla Gigantes Travel Guide Tour Package Part 2

As promised, here’s the continuation of my post on Isla Gigantes Travel Guide Part 1.

Before we went to the place where we’re going to stay, Max’s brother who was with us, invited us to come with him and explore the sea side. I can’t describe more, just take a look at the photos we took. ^_^ Then we had our sumptuous dinner. We ate crabs, and fish. Sorry, no detailed pics of what we ate because we were so hungry and tired from the trip that we just remembered to take photos after we ate (lol). After that, we called it a night but before that, Max informed us that we will have our breakfast at 7AM the next morning.

The next day, after we had our breakfast (hotsilog with unli rice), we waited for the pumpboat so we can have our Island Hopping. Around 10AM, we were set to go. Our first stop was at the Cabugao Gamay. we took a picture with the famous Isla Gigantes Landmark and some more photos! Our island hopping time was unlimited, unlike other travel tours, where we are time constrained.

Next stop was the Bantigue Island known as the Sandbar. There we had a lot of fun! Just look at the pictures!Then we went to Antonia’s Island, where we had our, again, another sumptuous lunch! We had crabs (we’ll never get tired of having crabs!), fish, pork adobo and Wasay-wasay (a type of shell commonly found in this island)! Aside from the lunch, we also had the time to explore the place and took some more pictures! Max and her brothers (2 brothers where one was the one in charge for taking pictures, while the other is the tour’s licensed Rescuer) eagerly told us the best spots to take pictures. Pictures are essentials of travel adventures, right?

At Antonia’s, we were asked if we like to experience banana boat ride (P200/pax) or Jetski (P3,000/hr), but since the waves were too big, we didn’t go through.

Next stop was an islet called the Mini Boracay, maybe because the sands were as fine as those found in Boracay Island. Max even pointed to us the right spots to take pictures! Then we headed to Tangke or the Lagoon, as it is called. Just take a look at the pictures to know why it is called so. Max also told us a secret found in this mystical place that only she and her brothers know (even the locals haven’t discovered it yet!).

Isla Gigantes Travel Guid
Please see the complete photos here: Isla Gigantes Travel Guide

We were supposed to visit other islands, as well, but because the waves are so big and strong, we were advised that it will be dangerous for us. Since it was already 4 in the afternoon, we decided to head back.

After that, we took a bath, had some rest and then we had our dinner. We were served with adobong scallops, chopsuey with scallops, adobong sitaw (string beans) and fish with unli rice, of course! After that, we had some chitchat, Max asked us if we enjoyed the island hopping and asked for our comments and suggestions. Later, we called it a night.

The next morning, we had our ToSiLog Breakfast again. Although, it was still the same breakfast like the previous day, I have no problem with it, but I guess they need to ask also the guests a day before if they want to have something for breakfast. Also, for those who have food allergies or something like that, Isla Gigantes are more than willing to grant your food request, you simply have to ask.

Then, we packed up for the boat will be leaving at 8 in the morning from Carles to Estancia. All troughout our trip, Isla Gigantes Travel was with us and as it promised on their website, they gave us a personalized tour and adventure. Actually, we felt that they are also friends that traveled with us. They attended to our needs, granted our requests, provided us a comfortable place to stay and made our getaway a memorable one that we enjoyed so much and made memories that will last a lifetime.

We were unable to go spelunking and see fireflies at night because during our trip, it wa raining, but it’s ok, we still had soooooo much fun! Not to mention that we gained new friends from our group with Isla Gigantes Travel Guide! Now, these are priceless!

Some issues to point out are:

  • Guests should be required to wear life vests during island hopping (especially when in boat going from one island to another). In our case, we didn’t have one during our island hopping trip because maybe all were excited, but I saw the life vests prepared before we left. Good thing, the group after us already had their life vests as I’ve seen from their photos.
  • Island Gigantes should also ask/inform the incoming guests if they want to go spelunking that they should bring proper gears such as rubber shoes, flashlights, etc.
  • Guests should also be informed that banana boat ride and Jetski ride are available for additional price. Although it is already stated in their website, not all guests read them, so it’s better that while they are chatting or texting/calling, guests must be informed so they can prepare if they want to try these rides.
  • It should also be made clear that Ferry boat fare and van going back to Tagbak Terminal, Iloilo is NOT included in the package. Though it is stated that inclusions are fare from Tagbak Terminal to Isla Gigantes, this info is most of the time taken for granted by the travellers (maybe becuase they are all too excited for the trip).
  • Guests should also be informed that Lunch on the first day (during travel going to Isla) is not included in the package (as this may be overlooked by the guests also).

Personally, despite the issues pointed out, I still highly recommend Isla Gigantes Travel Guide to those who want to visit Isla Gigantes, especially for those who are on a tight budget but want to have a stress-free trip!

Our Expenses

  • Tour Package – P2,200.00/pax (P4,400 for my husband and I) -we’re just joiners, the original grouped paid P2,500/pax (they were 5 plus my husband and I)

Inclusions are:

  1. 2D 2N accommodation
  2. Food–Day 1 Snacks, Dinner, Day 2 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Day 3 Breakfast
  3. Travel, Entrance Fees and Taxes–Van fare from Tagbak to Estancia, Ferry fare to Isla Gigantes , Tourism Fees, Tangke Entrance, Antonia’s Entrance, Cabugao Entrance, Boat Rental fro Island Hopping
  4. Guide with stories, surprises and smiles (as promised)
  • Ferry fare from Isla to Estancia – P80.00/pax
  • Motorcycle from port – Estancia Bus/Van Terminal – P10/pax
  • Van (Estancia – Tagbak Terminal) – P150/pax

Total Expenses = P2,200 + P80 +P10 + P150 = P2, 440.00/pax x 2 = P 4, 480.00 ( worth it for a 2D2N pre-birthday celebration getaway)

For more details you can contact Isla Gigantes here: – Official Facebook Page

http://islagigantes.comOfficial Website

or you may reach Max (the owner/admin) through text or call at 0915 400 0407


This is NOT a paid post. All contents of this post is purely based on my experience.

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