Isla Gigantes Travel Guide Part 1

One of the favorite things that I really love to do is to travel – anywhere… For me, this is the best time for me to relax, unwind and release all the stresses that I have been carrying for quite some time, as well as to celebrate my birthday! My travel adventures do not necessarily include a planned one, actually most are “spur of the moment” decisions, because these trips are most likely to happen than the planned ones (if you know what I mean).
One of the “on the spot travel” adventures that I had just recently was our (my husband and I) Isla Gigantes getaway. The funny story about how I was able to know about Isla Gigantes Travel Guide was while I was browsing my Facebook account, someone shared about it, me being a “sucker” for nature trip and beautiful places, I got interested. Actually, I have been wanting to visit this island the first time I saw it featured in a TV news (but of course, expenses had to be considered… hehehe).


Anyway, I sent a PM to Isla Gigantes and asked details about the trip, good thing was, the admin was prompt to reply and was eager to answer all my querries, especially those teeny weeny details (nagmumukha na nga akong makulit at parang “spammer” na hahaha), such as how many meals are included in the package, the accommodation (if we will be sleeping together with the other guests who are strangers to us), to the fare inclusions, etc. You know, I am a self-confessed hater of poor customer service and I (most of the time) find my self being angry and disappointed with poor customer service (from restaurants, hotels and any other busness I came across) that I loudly speak my mind about the disgust. But with Isla Gigantes, I was more than satisfied with how it responded to my querries and accommodated my request to separate us from other guests (since I am with my husband).

Honestly, before I sent Isla Gigantes a message, I already checked their website, http://islagigantes.com, read all (literally ALL) the details posted their. I have this habit of “googling” the place first before I actually set my foot on it. I want to know the highlights of the place, the do’s and dont’s and other important details that a traveler or tourist must be aware of. As for Isla Gigantes Travel Guide, I want to be fully aware of what are the package inclusions and what to expect from the service that they will offer to me. So after we have chat and I already got the details I wanted, my husband and I decided to go.

At 10AM on February 25, 2016, we were at Tagbak Terminal, Iloilo City, where we will be meeting and ride the van going to Estancia, Iloilo (123km from Tagbak, Jaro Terminal to Estancia). We were greeted by a Jolly admin of Isla Gigantes in the person of Max (she’s a girl, by the way). She introduced herself and the other guests as well, told us to have a seat then later informed us that we can board the van already and we will be leaving in a while.

We left the terminal around 11AM, it was about 3 hour-ride going to Estancia. Then from Estancia we rode a pumpboat around 2PM and reached Isla Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo around 4PM. From there, we rode a “habal-habal” going to the place where we were supposed to stay (called HomeStay) for about a 3-minute ride. There, we were served with cupcakes (Lemon Square) and softdrinks/coffee while Max was busy arranging for our place to stay. Because there were other guests that time, Max decided to find another place for us as she wanted us to feel comfortable.

photovisi-download (2)

To be continued…Stay tuned….

Update: Continuation here: Isla Gigantes Travel Guide Part 2

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