Confessions of an ALDUB Fanatic

For the past four months, the Philippines, and even the entire world, have been hit by a phenomenon known as the ALDUB Fever. For those who are still unaware of this (if really there still are), ALDUB is a combination of ALden (Richards) and yaya DUB’s (Maine Mendoza) names. These two are the newest and the hottest in-demand Love Team in the Philippine ShowBiz industry for the past 4 months and counting. Don’t worry, I will make a separate post about them, but as of now, this post is intended for my own “confession” as an ALDUB Fanatic.

McDo Standee
I was hooked with ALDUB and the Kalyeserye not since they started last July 16, 2015. Although, I have been reading articles, posts and comments about them in Facebook eversince their love story began, I was not that interested about them that time. At first, I simply ignored those because I am not really into love teams and definitely not an avid (I mean DIE HARD) fan of any celebrity, though I have favorite local and Hollywood stars also. You know, as far as I can remember, the first and only celebrities that I went gaga over was the time of Gwapings (Jomarie Yllana, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Eric Fructuoso). This was 25 years ago! During those times, I saved my money to buy magazines featuring them, watched all their shows and movies, even when they were only guests or had cameo roles. My version of a DIE HARD fan.

Anyway, when everyday I have been seeing pictures of them in Facebook and some of my students have been posting about ALDUB and Kalyeserye and even mentioned that “this will be the new Love Team that will overtake KathNiel, LizQuen and Jadine, I became curious. Actually, before this, I am already aware of Alden Richards as an actor and Maine Mendoza as the Philippines Dubsmash Queen (I already watched almost all of her Dubsmash videos before I was (and I’m still) struck with the ALDUB Fever).

Back to my curiosity, I searched ALDUB on Youtube and found tons of video uploads about them and the replays of Kalyeserye where everything started. Oh, by the way, before I watched the very first episode that featured Yaya Dub, I happened to watched a compilation of their “kilig moments” in Kalyeserye. After that, I became more curious about them so I decided to watch the replays of Kalyeserye, which started last July 4, 2015. This was the first appearance of Maine Mendoza as Yaya Dub. Then the rest is history, as they say.

Just like any other teacher (I’m a College Professor/Clinical Instructor/blogger/review lecturer/book author), my life is full of stressors. Everyday, I’m busy that I can literally say that 24hrs is not enough for me for a day and that seven days a week is insufficient to accomplish the things I have to. In short, I am a self-confessed and certified workaholic slash multitasker. My friends and family even call me “Multitasking Queen“. With these, I became easily stressed, which make me angry even with small things, and I also became moody. Most of the times, my husband tells me that I have no more time for him and our daughter and that he felt that he became a sort of “shock absorber” of all my angst from work.

But when I started to became hooked to Kalyeserye, my life and routine sort of suddenly changed. With the jokes and punch lines of the triplets Lolas, namely Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola), Lola Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros) and Lola Tinidora (Jose Manalo), I am always all smiles watching the entire episodes of Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga everyday from Monday to Saturday. Just like any ALDUB and Kalyeserye fans, I am always excited to watch each day’s episode as the storyline continues to develop that you should not miss any of it!

There were even times that I have to get absent from work because I can’t bear to miss the live telecast of the Kalyeserye. But now, I know that I have to attend to my daily obligations first as I can always join the Team Replay throuh Youtube, where the replays can be watched anytime. Because of ALDUB and Kalyeserye, I became active in Twitter and even joined Twitter party every Saturday (starting midnight). I became less visible in Facebook and Instagram, though from time to time I checked my accounts there, too! I even made another Twitter account intended only for my ALDUB and Kalyesere-related tweets.

My sister even wondered how a busy person like me has still time for things like these because as far as she can remember, I am not into being an avid fanatic of a celebrity or a Love Team for that matter. She also knows that I would not spend (we termed it “waste”) time on local celebrities and shows, including spending money just to watch a local movie in cinema (she knew that I have already reserved tickets for a Block Screening of ALDUB’s first movie together, which is the My Bebe Love with Bossing Vis Sotto and Comedy Concert Queen Ms. Aiai De las Alas, which is an official entry to 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) that will be shown on December 25, 2015), as well as, buy Magazines (I have Yes Magazine). Also, whenever we are together, I would always talk about ALDUB and Kalyeserye and that she was like “ah, ok…”. I have also influenced my 8-year-old daughter and even my husband to watch Kalyeserye so that I can have someone relate to my “stories”.

So, everyday, after class, I am in a hurry to go home and watch the replay in Youtube. Most of the times, I smile and laugh loudly that I was not aware that it is already late at night (my class normally ends around 7:00Pm or 9:00PM). There were also times that I was not aware that my tears are continuously falling while watching sad episodes, just like the episodes that included Cindy.

ALDUB made me feel like a teenager once again (I’m in mid 30’s now) with their simple gestures and how they treat and looked at each other. It’s really something that I am looking forward to everyday as it makes me smile even on the simple and corny jokes thrown during Kalyeserye. Sometimes, I even tell myself that ALDUB and Kalyeserye ease my burdens in life and make me smile even when I am drained and totally stressed and want to be angry at anyone. They give me reasons to smile and look at life differently, especially with the life lessons that Lola Nidora shares.

Wait, this post has been too long already and I hope that you’re not bored reading about my confessions. I am just really proud to be a part of ALDUB Nation and become a part of history (even in a small way). Someday, when I look back and the fever has already subsided, I can still proudly say that I was once an ALDUB Nation and that we made History!

Well, I can write endless reasons why I have been hooked to ALDUB, including their numerous endorsements, guestings and interviews, among others, but this post may seem a novel then. hahahaha, Therefore, I will end it here…. for now…

Don’t forget to share or leave your comments if you are an ALDUB Fan, too! ALDUB you! with matching *pabebe wave* ^_^

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