Review of Drill Shack Beach Resort and Price Rate

Summer is synonymous to beach adventure. This means that having fun under the sun is the “in” thing to do. Of course, I am one of those people who associate summer with vacation and spending quality time with my family.

Last May 10, 2014, I had a chance to visit Dumaguete City for the first time and naturally, I took the liberty of exploring the City as much as I could. Good thing, my husband brought our single motorcycle (my daughter and I rode the school van), which we used to roam around Dumaguete City.

We first visited the famous Dumaguete City Boulevard, had some “dirty ice cream”, took some pictures, then drove around after a while. Our next stop was the Robinson’s Mall, which is just like any other malls, nothing exceptional, but I think it was the only “famous” mall in the place – no other Malls like Ayala Mall, SM City or Gaisano Grand Mall. We bought some food and other necessities there, then after some time, we decided to look for a resort to stay for the night.

We end up at the Drill Shack Beach Resort located at Dauin – a 20 minute drive south of Dumaguete City.

Drill Shack Resort offers affordable accommodation on a daily or long term basis. With its peaceful, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect place to unwind after a hectic schedule of touring. Sleep to the relaxing sound of the waves crashing into the shore and feel the gentle sea breeze as it enters your room. The Drill Shack Resort also provides a convenient base from which to explore the city of Dumaguete and its surrounding attractions and islands.

We rented a single-bed fan (no air con) cottage with cable TV and private bathroom. Php 600.00 per night and an additional of P150.00 for my daughter as an excess occupant. Only children below 5 years old are free of charge according to the care taker. We were provided with extra foam (we were not able to use it as our daughter still sleeps with us), a towel, extra pillow and blanket. Inside the bathroom, there’s a dipper and pail and a roll of bathroom tissue, no free soap and other toiletries.

Since my daughter wanted to have a swim at the kiddie pool (which is free to use), we accompanied her, good thing the pool use is until 10:00PM. Swimsuits are required when using the pool. By the way, the water in the pool is sea water.

The next day, I woke up early, roam around, took some early morning pictures of the beautiful place and came back to the cottage and asked my daughter if she wants to come for a morning swim at the pool. It was a very relaxing experience to have a morning swim, good thing, they were not that strict when it comes to swimsuit guideline, maybe because there were few guests that time. My husband joined us after a while. He explored the deepest part of the pool, I think it was 6-feet deep, I just stayed at the 5-feet area, since I’m not a swimmer, while my daughter was at the adjacent kiddie pool.

There was also a miniature grotto at the garden area. The bar area is spacious enough for various functions, with a book shelf in the corner near the rest room area of the bar. English pocket books were available and it can be borrowed for free if you are a guest of the hotel. Books authored by Linda Howard, David Baldacci, Lisa Gardner, Danielle Steel, Stephen King and James Patterson, among others are available.

Open cottages are also available for a much cheaper price. If guests want to have a swim at the beach, they can, too, since there is a gate at the back, which is open for 24 hrs. I just noticed that during our whole stay, there was no life guard.

Over all, our stay at the Drill Shack Beach Resort was fun and enjoyable since there were few guests, plus the place was very nice, clean and the staff are friendly and very accommodating.

Additional info are listed below:

Aside from Single room, Double-Room (up and down)cottage are also available with the following amenities:
– fan cottage with cable TV
– private bathroom.
– 2 beds
– free wifi
– Good for 4 pax – Php 1200.00 per night.
– Extra Person – Php 200.00 per night

Long-term stay is also possible. Just inquire at the reception area.

For more information you can contact them through their website: or mobile number listed below:

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