Why Do I Trust Ceelin Plus?

Having an active 6-year old active daughter is not a joke… Since this stage of growing is a significant one and that as a mother, I must constantly see to it that though my Baby Tyke is normally active with her own share of play times outdoors, still she’s perfectly healthy and that she’s protected from getting contagious diseases outdoors like flu, cough and colds among others.

Laking Ceelin Plus 'to!

Laking Ceelin Plus ‘to!

This is where Ascorbic Acid Zinc Ceelin Plus comes in. Actually, before I have settled with Ceelin Plus, I already tried several Vitamin C for my daughter and I have noticed she still gets sick every now and then. Luckily, when I tried Ceelin Plus, I very seldom see my baby catch some colds or coughs. I also noticed that whenever I was not able to give her Ceelin Plus for a day or two, she’s still fine even when her playmates are sick or it’s the “flu season”. On the other hand, when she’s not given Ceelin for a week or more (especially when we’re travelling) she easily catches colds but gets better in a day or two after taking in Ceelin Plus again.

Why I trust Ceelin Plus
You know, I am just one of the lucky mothers because for more than 6 years, my daughter has never been admitted to the hospital for any other health-related issues. There was just one time that she was diagnosed of pneumonia but was never admitted and easily got well soon after her prescribed dose of antibiotics. As most parents already knew, having your children admitted to the hospitals, especially for long periods of time is really a hard and heartbreaking experience.

I Love Ceelin Plus!

I Love Ceelin Plus!

Since Baby Tyke had her Ceelin Plus, she has literally insatiable appetite for food that every now and then she asks for food because she’s hungry even when she has just eaten a full meal minutes ago!. At school, her teachers told me that she’s doing very good and that she easily picks up her lessons and a fast learner, too! Aside from being hyperactive (in a normal way, of course), she mentally and physically looks more than a 6-year-old girl! Take note, Ceelin Plus is her only vitamins.

I am just really glad that being on Ceelin Plus for more than 4 years has done my daughter a great favor. It (brought) brings her many health benefits plus it enhances her appetite (the main reason why kahit 6 years old pa lang xa, malaking bulas na.. ^_^) and this is one of the reasons why I am thankful to Unilab for having introduced this product that gives such benefits to children; now this is the main reason why I trust Unilab – for providing the consumers with high quality medicines/supplements/vitamins at affordable prices!


Note: This is not a paid post.

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