Steps on How To Root Lenovo P780

Today I will teach you on how to easily root your Lenovo P780. When I say easy, I mean easy! If you are ready, then simply follow the following easy steps below:

  1. First, download the app (Framaroot) that will be used for the rooting process. Download it here: Framaroot
  2. Install the Framaroot APK file on your Lenovo P780
  3. Next, open the Framaroot from your phone and select the action to perform. Select “Install SuperSU”  and in the rooting menu, select an exploit in list above to potentially root your device as BOROMIR and proceed with the process. See image below:



The rooting process will now take place and wait until you see  a success message on your screen as seen on the image below.


Once done, power off or restart or reboot your Lenovo P780. Wait for your phone to start and check if  the SuperSU app is in your apps list. If there is, your Lenovo P780 has been successfully rooted! Congratulations!

If you want to check if your device is already rooted, you can install the Root Checker app (free) from the Playstore.

Now, you can have the liberty of installing new custom ROMs to your Lenovo P780!

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