How To Update Firmware and Root Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire

I personally updated the firmware of my Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire yesterday through the help of people from Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire Facebook Page (Boss Ahkie, Mark and Gabriell). After the updating process, the FuFi (Fusion Fire) was automatically rooted upon checking via Root Checker (a free app from the playstore).

Now, I will share to you the step by step process on how to update your Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire. Please take note that updating your firmware will automatically void your warranty (it it’s still under a warranty) and in worst case, may brick your phone and may be rendered useless until you pay for someone to repair it for you.

Do this at your own risk and I will not be held responsible if your unit will be bricked.

Now, if you’re that risky and you’re willing to “gamble” just follow the steps carefully to avoid bricking your FuFi.

1. Go to About Phone in FuFi and check whether you’re running in V1, V2 or V3. Download the appropriate Firmware here: If you’re on V1 download the V1, while if you’re either running on V2 or V3, you can download the firmware for V2 (It worked for me because I was V3).  Unzip.

2. Next, download the Firmware Update Tool For Ainol here: and unzip.

3. Power off your Fusion Fire (be sure that the battery is more than 50% before performing this update to avoid interruption that may brick your unit). When it’s completely turned off, hold the Volume – (Volume down) for about 5 seconds then connect the USB to the PC (connect the USB while still holding the volume – button).

When done correctly. the PC will show a prompt on the screen that it is installing the driver for the device (for the FuFI). After a prompt for the successful driver installation, go to Device Manager on your PC and check for the unknown device installed (with yellow mark or sign). Then, right click that and select Update Driver Software, then Browse My Computer For Driver Software/Firmware Update Tool For Ainol/Hero 4 Nuclear Upgrade Tool/Driver then tick the include subfolders and Next. Please see the image below:



Wait until the driver has been successfully installed.

3. Next go to  unzipped Firmware Update Tool For Ainol/Hero 4 Nuclear Upgrade Tool, find Set Up and click that to install the update tool. See image below:


4. After it has been successfully installed, go to Start in your PC and search for Tablet Product Tool (this is the firmware update tool that you have just installed). Then it will prompt to find the firmware. Find the fw (firmware) that you have downloaded in step 1 and open the folder and you will see this:


5. Click the jellybean_atm file and wait for a while to be recognized by the firmware tool and it will look like this:



Note: On the upper portion of the FW Tool, the green color, it indicates 0 USB Device Detected. This is 0 (zero) because the SS (screen shot) was made without my FuFI being connected, but in your case, since your device is still connected to your PC, it should indicate 1 USB Device Detected.

6. Next, see to it that you tool looks the same as the image above, with all the parameters checked appropriately (Production, Flash_Erase, Flash_Read_Check, Automation, etc.) Leave the Boot Partition as is. For recovery Partition, click the image (blue arrow), find the firmware (same in step 4) and select the rec file (blue arrow), do the same for MISC and System Partition (follow the same color of arrow).

7. Next step is to click the DOWN button as shown by the pink arrow on the image below:


Wait for the prompt that will indicate that the update was successful.

8. Next after the successful update, remove your Fusion Fire from your PC and Power On. You will notice that instead of the usual Cherry Mobile Logo, it is now replaced by Ainol logo. Don’t panic if the 1st booting process takes longer than usual, it’s normal. Then after that, you will notice that the language is in Chinese so go to Settings of your FuFi, scroll down a bit and find the one that has a letter A and click, select English (United States). Then presto! it will now be in English.

Lastly, go to the About Phone and Check that you’re now running in Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and your Build is now Ainol V2.

That’s it! you have now successfully updated your firmware to Ainol Novo 10 Hero II and rooting it in the process. Feel the power of the true Quad Core and 8000mAh battery!

Credits: ThePinoyscreencastCherry Mobile Fusion Fire Facebook Page, Boss Ahkie Villavelez, Boss Mark Kabiling and Boss Gabriell Oliva. Salamat po sa tulong niyo sa akin kahapon…

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