Why I Did Not Completely Enjoyed My Boracay Escapade

Every time I attend a seminar or convention together with my students, I usually see to it that I enjoy the experience, especially visiting a new place. I maximize every possible time bonding with my students, visiting the part of that certain place that every tourist must see and doing activities that that place is known for.

From my 1st batch of students up to the 4th batch, my students and I were always together visiting places and enjoying activities. Those were really the most memorable times together with my students who have already graduated. We really had a lot of fun, despite our differences. They took care of me and I took care of them. They always leave a place for me whenever and wherever we are. They ask permission from me whenever they need to go some place else and things like that. They text me wherever they are and at times, they won’t leave until I gave my “go signal”. That has been our routine.

This time, with the 5th Batch of my intern students, although I have already oriented them before we left and I made clear that we understood each other, still it didn’t turn out well. I mean, the experience was great but in terms with the things that happened in Boracay between me and my students, it’s not that good.

First, they left for Bacolod without even bothering to inform me that they will be leaving and when they arrived in Bacolod, no one even bothered to inform me either. Next, they boarded the vessel without telling me, and secured a ticket without waiting for me or telling me which vessel they boarded.

When boarding the pump boat from Caticlan to Boracay, all of them were in a hurry to take their seats without sparing one for me, and I end up sitting on the back to think that my daughter that I was holding was having a fever. In getting off, I was also one of the last to get off with my sister. At the hotel, while waiting for our checked in time at the hotel, all of them were sitting comfortably in the lobby while I was standing and no one bothered to offer me a seat.

Other instances that also pissed me off are when they roam around without even asking for my permission, or texting me where they are. Often times, I would send a text message to all of them, telling them to keep safe wherever they are and only 1 or 2 will reply, knowing that most, if not all, of them have loads. I also can’t forget the time during our Banana Boat Ride when all of them were already in the boat having their picture takings and as if I’m just an ordinary companion that the only available seat on the boat was, again, at the back! I was just thankful that one of them “finally get it” and told her classmates to move back and give space for me at the from where it would be easy for me to board. Had it been I was with the previous batches, if I will not be the first one to board, I would be spared a place and one or 2 of them would get off and assist me to get on the boat. Well, I guess, that’s life! Good and courteous people come and go.  There are still other instances that’s similar to these that I don’t want to mention anymore.

In addition, it was also my first time to bring my husband with me, (my daughter has already been with me several times) and as usual, I have to look after him most of the time, too and see to it that he’s always in “good mood” so that I won’t be “scandalized” or whatsoever when he’s pissed off or “bad trip” where he’ll end up drinking and only God knows what he can do when he’s on that state. Also, my daughter has an on and off fever that I have to attend to her needs, too and even made me bring her to the clinic and have her laboratory tests (that’s midnight!) to make sure that she didn’t have dengue. Good thing the result was normal and she only has tonsillitis.

Over all, it was fun. plain fun. Not that super fun, if you know what I mean. I just wished that next time, on our Baguio convention, things will not be the same.

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