Things To Do In Boracay Island

In my previous post, I have blogged on how to reach Boracay from Iloilo or Boracay from Negros Occidental and posted the fares to van, bus, boat and the like. This time, I will list down the things to do when you visit the Island of Boracay that I have experienced/tried personally, as well as their rates, so that you can include it in your budget when you plan your vacation to this Paradise Island (so they say).

  1.  Island Hopping – this must be on the top of your to-do list. It costs around P200-P300 (each)for about 3 hours island hopping activity. You will see the crocodile island, experience snorkeling (P20 fee) and feed the fishes, have a stop-over at the Puka Island, see the rock formations inside the Puka Cave and a lot more activities during the trip. 
  2. Banana Boat Ride – costs P125-200 per person depending on how many are you, but it’s better if you’re in a group so that you can haggle and really enjoy the experience
  3. Helmet Diving – this is about P300-500 per head (yeah, literally per head…lol) and you get to explore the ocean 15-20 feet below and feed the sea creatures (fishes) there. This comes with a free CD
  4. ATV & Buggy Car Driving – you get to experience driving these for only P300-400 each. From Happy Dreamland Theme Park you can drive alone or with a companion going to Mt. Luho where you get to see the Ocean Tower, one of the highest point in Boracay. You need to pay P120/each to climb the tower with about 198 steps and see the breathtaking view of the whole Boracay Island. Photographer/s can take your pictures if you like for P250 (for 2 pictures).
  5. Happy Dreamland Theme Park – No entrance fee for use because we availed the ATV & Buggy car driving. Inside there’s a lot of attractions both for children and adults. You can take pictures with eagles, “bayawak” and other well-known characters. Rides include ferris wheel, flume ride, sky cycle, etc. Don’t fail to visit the Trick Art and Butterfly Museum, too!
  6. Parasailing – around P1200/each and you’ll get to ride a big balloon being pulled by a speed boat. I never experience this one but really wanted to. Sad to say, no one wants to come with me due to financial constraints. (^_^)

Just take note that prices may vary based on whether you visit on a peak or off season, as well as, when you come alone or in groups. I suggest you bring your friends along so that you can haggle or negotiate for the price.

Other activities that are also worth trying in Boracay are Zorbing, Zip Line and Cliff Diving among others.


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