Imparting Knowledge: A Rewarding and Fulfilling Advocacy

When I was a child, I always wanted to be a teacher. Well, I guess it’s normal because most of the children sort of idolized their teachers and even my daughter often times imitates her teacher during her role playing games.

Anyway, about my ambition of being a teacher, I think it’s my destiny (if destiny really exists), I mean there were occasions were my teachers would be out or has to leave the class for some important matters and I will be (usually) assigned to take care of my classmates, or write our activities on the board, or even give quizzes or conduct the class temporarily. These happened during my elementary days and even up to my college days. To think that my college course is not BS Education or BS Secondary Education or the like.

Personally, I have nothing against taking the mentioned courses. It’s just that when I graduated from high school and was asked what course would I plan to take, I was suddenly undecided. After 2 years of being a BSBA student at University of the Philippines in the Visayas, and after some turn of events, I finished the one-year Health Aide course and BS Radiologic Technology course from Iloilo Doctors’ College, both were in medical field.

To make the long story short, after I graduate, passed the board exam and took oath, I immediately landed a teaching job because a school from another Island (from Iloilo I am now at the island of Negros Occidental) was planning to offer a Radiologic Technology course (at that time) and they were in need of a full time faculty. Even if I was hesitant at first, I was glad that I have the courage to accept the position.

Again, to make the long story short, every time my students passed the Board exam and become professionals, deep inside I feel glad that I was part of where they are right now. Though I know I don’t have to tell them that because they were all glad to thank me for the things I have imparted to them. You know, that is my very consolation – hearing, receiving a call or text from my graduates saying “Thank you” to me during graduation and after they passed the board exam. It’s really a great and rewarding feeling.

I just feel that imparting knowledge (I don’t want to call it teaching) to students is a true advocacy and this is really my “calling”, I guess. I can’t imagine myself now working in other fields because with my present work, I can likewise upgrade myself and become updated with the latest trends in the Radiologic Technology field. Now, no matter how tiring my class schedule is, it doesn’t matter because I love what I’m doing and that is what’s important, right?

If only I can enroll in an online graphic design degree, that would complete my teaching life…hehehe

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