I Salute Land bank of The Philippines

Weeks ago, I have applied for a savings account at Land Bank of the Philippines here in Kabankalan City. After submitting two 1×1 pictures  and a photocopy of my two valid ID’s, my application was processed immediately and the bank personnel were accommodating to me. Because I applied for an ATM card for the said account, after filling up the required forms and signing them, I received my ATM card less than 30 minutes! That was really fast.

On that night, I accessed the internet and tried to do some online banking transactions with Land Bank’s official website. I was redirected to Landbank iAccess Retail Internet Banking to enroll my Landbank account online. This facility is available to existing LANDBANK ATM account holders only. After filling up online forms with the necessary personal information, I was successfully enrolled. The problem is, that online enrollment with iAccess only allows balance inquiry and other non-monetary transactions.

Since, I also would like to do some fund transfers from and to my Land Bank account, I have read from the same site that I need to print a specific online form and present it to my depository bank, which is Land Bank Kabankalan Branch. The next day, around lunch time, which was my only vacant time due to my class schedule, I brought the printed form to Land Bank. I asked the guard where to proceed and he said that he has no idea and that I should try the personnel on the New Account desk.

When I approached the lady on the desk, she was busy on something and that she didn’t even bother to ask on how she was able to help a customer like me. So, I took the liberty of asking her about the online enrollment, she dismissively told me that she had no idea about it and that I should ask the bank’s manager, which I don’t know who or where to find the said manager. After a few minutes, I was able to find the bank manager’s office and I just stood right outside the front of his cubicle because he still has a visitor inside; but I made sure that he can see me.

After sometime, I again took the liberty to enter his private cubicle and he seem not interested on whatever the reason I was there. I then asked him regarding the online enrollment and he said that it was not available and turned to the person he was talking to (where their transactions is not related to bank’s business). I asked him when will I be able to enroll and he said that I just need to come back. I asked him when and he said, “maybe next week” in a dismissive manner.

Later that night, I emailed the bank’s customer service and described what happened earlier at their Kabankalan branch. I haven’t received any response from them, but I was surprised earlier this afternoon that the Bank Manager of Land Bank personally visited me to the school and asked apologies for what has happened during our “encounter”.  Because of this, I salute Land Bank of the
If only all the government employees were like the Manager of Land Bank Kabankalan, then Philippines would be a better place to live.Philippines, especially their manager for during what they think is right – and that is admitting their fault and asking for an apology.

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