How To Surpass A Stressful Week

Last week I started my classes for the 1st semester and guess what?! I can say that my Monday to Saturday were like Manic Mondays. I mean my classes started daily at 7 in the morning and ended at 8PM and that’s my daily schedule with a lunch break of 45 minutes.

stressful day

Since it was the first week, I need to do all the talking and the “double time” because my classes were a week late due to some obligations. Yeah, it was really tiring and exhausting not to mention the fact that I have taken quite a long vacation from work (2 months) after working “so hard” for 7 years. Normally, my vacation would only last for a week then I’ll be back to work again. Even so, having a long vacation was a bittersweet experience because although I have spent more time with my family at my hometown, sad thing is that, there was no extra “income” for me.

Anyway, back to my very busy work schedule,  I was not able to feel it the first day, maybe because I was well rested. Came the 2nd day where when I got home, I just have to force myself to finish dinner because I was very sleepy (maybe because I was “drained” the whole day of talking). But wait, that’s not how I ended my day, I still have to help my daughter with her homework, then iron our uniforms for the next day. Came the third, fourth,fifth and sixth day that I was really struggling so hard and forcing myself to finish the supper, help my daughter with her school homework,iron our clothes,study a little bit and do some printings for the review materials that I’ll be using the following day.

On Sunday, I was very happy that I woke up late, around 10 in the morning, but then I have to do the laundry because they were already piling up and hubby haven’t done it the previous days because it has been raining for a week and Sunday was a sunny day. Later that afternoon, I have to iron the uniforms that me and my daughter will be using, print some lecture notes (of several copies), study, do some blogging then sleep. Again, Sunday was not my rest day…


Vital C Sodium AscorbateStresstabsEnergen Go Fuit

Then the cycle continues last Monday and this will be my routine for the entire semester, I guess. I’m glad Stresstabs, Vital C, Circulan and C-lium were invented. Not to mention the Energen Go Fruit that serves as my breakfast. This is how I surpassed my stressful week.. It’s really hard to earn a living, just glad that I enjoy what I do. I love imparting knowledge to my students and I am a proud Radiologic Technologist!

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