ZH&K: The New Philippine-Based Mobile Enterprise

The other day, my husband, daughter and I, strolled in a mall in the city and I was surprised that another Philippine-based mobile enterprise exist aside from MyPhone and Torque. I am talking about ZH&K Mobile Enterprise.

For curiosity sake, we bought one of their cheapest unit, the Z1 mobile phone model, priced for only Php699.00, the cheapest is only Php599. Just like Cherry Mobile regular cheap mobile phones like C2 and C8 mobile phone units, Z1 is a dual sim/dual standby camera phone with expandable memory of up to 8GB.

You can actually read my full review of this product here: Review and Specs of Z1 Mobile Phone From ZH & K Mobile.

Anyway, for 3 days of using this mobile phone, my husband loves it and actually, I am planning to buy one for myself, too, as spare cellphone that’s easy to carry anytime because it’s size is like the size of an old MP3 player unit.

Now, this is another Filipino product that we should be proud of!

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