My First Acupuncture Experience By The Ark Church

I am open to every possible means to treat my various illnesses – from amenorrhea, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), calcaneal spurs, pinched nerve, migraine, numbness and a lot more caused by “weighting and ageing” – but I am not ready to spend more to treat or alleviate these “conditions”. So when my mom asked if I want to try acupuncture for FREE, I readily agreed.

To make the long story short, earlier this afternoon, we visited The Ark Church located at the Orange Building in front of Western Visayas College of Science Technology or WVCST (formerly ISAT) at La Paz, Iloilo City. The protestant church is having a medical mission every Wednesday and Friday and then worship service every Sunday. I have learned from one of the “staffs” of the church that they have been extending medical mission for around 6 years already.

Anyway, when we get there, I was entertained by one of them and I was asked how do I feel and what are my health complaints/concerns.  My blood pressure was taken and I’m glad that it’s still normal. Then I was told to wait for a while because Pastor Lee (he’s a Korean Pastor) still has a patient. After a while, I was called and he interviewed me some more and instructed me to lie on my stomach (prone) on one of the foams on the back side of the hall (sorry I have no picture of the Church because I forgot to bring my cellphone).

acupuncture with cupping set

acupuncture with cupping set

Then, Pastor Lee instructed of of the Korean staffs to place the “sort of cups” at my back, which I assumed that it’s the start of the acupuncture process. Actually, I thought that acupuncture is simply pinching of the tiny needles on specific areas of the body, but then I have learned that some perform acupuncture with cupping therapy. After leaving the glasses on my back, they were removed then I felt some light pinching of needles at my back then they wipe the blood. The Korean girl (I forgot to ask her name), told me that some portions did not bleed, which means they were “healthy”, while other portions have thick red to brownish blood that means there’s something wrong with the corresponding acupuncture points. Anyway, after that my tummy experienced the same process and few bloods came out. I was told the area refers to my reproductive area and my digestion.

After the process, I was told that some sort of blood clot marks or hematoma on my back will just disappear 2-3 days after and that I can take a bath anytime, there’s no contraindications, either. The picture below is how my back looked like when I got home and asked my daughter to take a picture of it.

My back after 1st session of acupuncture with cupping.

My back after 1st session of acupuncture with cupping.

After the session, I was given some free tablets to take for body pains, arthritis, etc and I have to take it twice a day for 4 days. I was also invited to come back on Friday for another session, which I will definitely do since I’m still here in Iloilo City until after elections.

To note, the procedure is painless, except for the minor pain that I felt when the first glass was placed on my back but after that, everything went just fine. Now I am very eager to treat some (if not all) of my health problems through acupuncture because I believe in Chinese Medicine plus the fact that the procedure is totally FREE that they don’t even ask for a donation! Problem is I will going back to Kabankalan soon and I can’t continue these acupuncture sessions anymore. I wish there’s something for me to do about this.

I’ll update this post after my 2nd acupuncture visit and share my experience if this works for me.

Update: I have experienced the 2nd session of acupuncture with cupping therapy and I have blogged about it here:

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