How To Update Cherry Mobile Titan W500 From ICS To Jelly Bean

I would like to share how I updated my Cherry Mobile Titan W500 from ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) to JB (Jelly Bean) on my own – yes, on my own without “physical” help from other people, just help from online through jfdesign and the Facebook Group for Cherry Mobile Titan users.

After I have rooted my Cherry Mobile Titan W500 with help of Google, I was just lucky that I have done it the first time without bricking my phone. Then, I have learned that Cherry Mobile Service Centers are starting to upgrade CM Titan from ICS to JB, but sadly, there’s no service center of CM in Bacolod or anywhere in Negros Province. Since, I am excited to try the JB update on my CM Titan because I have updated my Samsung Note 1 N700 to JB (even before the official update from Samsung) before it was stolen, I have some experience with JB and I kinda like this platform.

So what I did, I asked helped to the ever reliable Google and I landed at, where I followed the instructions carefully on how to update my CM Titan to JB through a Stock ROM. So here are the instructions and please I give credits to JF Design Blog for these.

Before proceeding, take note that you have to closely follow the instructions and I AM NOT responsible for any untoward scenario that may happen to your phone in case you brick it or something like that.

Here are the requirements and instructions (copied from JFDesign Blog):

And here is the custom rom :


Download : picopad_gew_2.03_A410_jfdesignnet_040913_100738
Mirror        : picopad_gew_2.03_A410_jfdesignnet_040913_100738
MD5sum   : d84697ac14cb9f2ef0a2e74aa93e794b


This custom rom need a custom recovery to be flashed into the device, if you haven’t got it, get it here: TWRP and CWM recovery PICOpad GEW. Both are working good for this device, get whichever you like.

Flashing Process:

  • Download the custom rom from link above and copy it to the root of your sdcard, you may check it first with your file manager to confirm it was there. There are two sdcard storage on this device, so you must know it’s at the internal sdcard or external sdcard. I prefer you to put this on external sdcard to avoid any difficulties.

  • Boot into recovery mode by turning off your phone, hold down Volume + button then press power button, hold them both until you see axioo logo on screen then release it. Wait a sec or two … then you’ll be in recovery mode.

  • BACKUP your stock rom and data using BACKUP feature, make sure you use external storage as destination because this backup is relatively big.

  • Choose Wipe Data / Factory reset and execute it.

  • Choose Wipe cache partition and execute it

  • Choose Wipe Dalvik Cache and execute it

  • Go back to main menu, and choose Install

  • It will open a list of file on your sdcard, choose the custom rom zip file that you put on step 1 and flash it.

  • After the installation is completed, choose Reboot System

  • Done

Now, I hope you did this process successfully and let us all enjoy our CM Titan W500 working on Jelly Bean!


If you want to know how to root your Cherry Mobile Titan, follow the steps here:

Steps On How to Root Cherry Mobile Titan (w500)

Or you might want to read my review of the new features of Jelly Bean here:

Review On Cherry Mobile Jelly Bean Update

About the Author:

Praning5254 is an insomniac who started blogging since 2008. She is an educator and a Clinical Instructor offline, who has the passion for gadgets and other technology-related stuffs. Online, she maintains several blogs of various niches, which depicts her passion for technology, health, food, movies, books and other interesting stuffs.

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  • Signarure failed po..anong dapat gawin?

  • how to fix the deep color mode. anyone knows???

  • bro can you create a youtube tutorial for this?

    thanks looking forward on seeing my request soon.


  • @dave, sorry tanging CM lang makakasagot sa prob mo na yan sir

  • Bkt ung titan ko d naprocess, kailangan pang dalin sa main para dun iprocess ng 2wiks

  • hey pol pa help nmn sa deep color modeissue oh… tnx!

  • where can i find Wipe Dalvik Cache?

    Choose Wipe Data / Factory reset and execute it.

    Choose Wipe cache partition and execute it

    after this what? i find the Wipe Dalvik Cache?

  • Choose Wipe Dalvik Cache and execute it

    saan po makikita yan hinde ko po makita yan

  • @pol . just want to ask how you fixed the deep color mode? inupgrade ko kasi tong titan ko to jellybean. now normal mode and deep mode wont make a difference. pa help naman. thanks

  • Ayun, google play store works fine now. I just did a reset on the phone. :)
    Thanks again! 😀

  • Hi, thansk for the tutorial! Success! :)))

    Pero may tanung po ako, bakit di na pwede ung play store? Panu po un? ://

  • congrats 😀 BTW… i fixed my deep color mode.. thanks to a girl I met on fb this morning 😀

  • My soft bricked CM Titan has come back live running on Jeallybean OS.

    Thanks to Pranings5254 for the very easy to follow procedure.

  • sir pwede po ba pa share kung pano un gnwa mo sau ??

  • sa mga gustong mag try…
    eto po mga screenshots ko .. just follow instructions

  • thanks po sir… but still can’t view it po.. :'( i need to be a group member .. but di nla ako inaaccept . sana may mag post nlang dto :) thanks po

  • @Sir.. thanks po .. pero ndi po ako maka join ee.. d ko lam kung baket… pdi po ba pa post ??? thanks po

  • @pol, yes, that’s the problem with the JB update, yung deep color mode niya kahit sa service centers pa ngpaupgrade ganyan din prob… may fix naman sa deep color mode, pakihanap lang dito:

  • @pol, at first, pero later ok na naman siya

  • @Sir praning … do u have the touch sensitivity problem too?

  • @Kris .. sory mejo na late un post ko .. sana d na brick un phone ko kung nagamit mo un cwm recovery ….. post ako link mamaya … i’ll upload my stock rom recovery.. but it’s from cwm recovery.. i dont know if it’s going to work with stock .. i’ll update u later…. add me on facebook .. then pm me.

  • Feed back lang ako…. Mission Accomplished 😀 pero mejo nwalan ng konting effect un deep color mode..

    @kris … mas ok un cwm recovery… try mo to . i used this one ..

    and skip step 5 ni sir

    post ako ng screen shots later

  • Bro,

    Please lend me yun stock rom mo for Titan. I don’t have a custom recovery and my phone stops until the Android logo only. :(

  • @Praning5254 . is there a deep color mode in your JB Titan???? that’s the best feature in cm titan .. better than flare ..

  • bro,
    what to do after I have download the “recovery-twrp-gew.img”

  • @kris, yes, still in JB and running smoothly… just follow intstructions ;ang maigi, and of course don’t forget to backup just in case

  • Thank you so much for the quick response. Sana d ma brick un fone ko. by the way, how was your phone? Are you still running it in Jellybean?

  • @kris, sorry it was not posted pala, yan, updated na, anjan sa taas yung custom rom, pakidownload na lang and follow the succedding intstructions

  • I didn’t find step1.

    Please clarify the procedure you have above.

    “It will open a list of file on your sdcard, choose the custom rom zip file that you put on step 1 and flash it.”

  • @kris81, I used CWM

  • @pol, I have done this process in my CM Titan and I didn’t brick my phone. now it’s working fine still… yes, this process can brick your phone esp if you don’t follow d instructions carefully

  • any feed back? this can brick your phone right?

  • Which of these did you use for your device?

    TWRP or CWM recovery PICOpad GEW

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