Acupuncture With Cupping (Ventosa) By The Ark Church

I have mentioned in my previous post that I have experienced the Acupuncture with Cupping (Ventosa) Therapy courtesy of the free Medical Mission of the Ark Church located at La Paz, Iloilo City.

My first visit was last Wednesday and then yesterday, Friday, I had my second visit for another Acupuncture session. This time, I

Nanay during her Acupuncture w/ Cupping Session

Nanay during her Acupuncture w/ Cupping Session

asked the Korean Girl’s name (remember the one I mentioned in my first post?) and it’s A Yeon Oh, I also learned other staffs about her and the Ark Church. Also, I asked permission form her if I can take some pictures to post online because I want to promote their Free Medical Mission in a way, so that indigent people and those who can’t afford to be hospitalized or even just a medical check up will be able to avail of the medicines that they are also giving out; and to make the long story short, the permission was granted and so I have posted few pictures on my Facebook Page to raise awareness about their Mission.

Anyway, since that was my last visit yesterday because I will be going back to Kabankalan on Tuesday, the idea made me felt a little sorry because I can no longer continue my “therapy” for free with them due to the fact that they don’t have a church in Negros. Fortunately, Pastor Lee told me that he is planning to put up a Church in Bacolod soon and of course, I promised that I will definitely go and visit.

If only I can extend my short vacation up to a month, I will definitely “go” because of the health  benefits that I am getting from the Mission, not to mention that every after the acupuncture session, I felt that my mind and body are in good condition. Some may don’t believe it and may say that it’s all in my mind, nevertheless, I believe in this kind of therapy and of course, I will lose nothing from it.

I just wish that I will have another opportunity like this when I get back to Kabankalan, but as of now, I really doubt it because I haven’t heard of this kind of therapy performed, plus, if there’s something like this, for sure, it has a price.

Now, I just have to look forward for another opportunity for me to visit Iloilo again very soon and have extra time to visit Ark Church again and of course, to see a nice Korean friend, A Yeon Oh, the next time. I’m just fond of her and I like talking to her. ^_^ I’m thankful to the Lord that I got the chance to experience Acupuncture and Cupping for free, plus meeting Korean people, like Pastor Lee and A Yeon Oh,  who cares for the welfare of the Filipino people.

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