How To Become Healthy This 2013

Living in today’s world makes us vulnerable to various lifestyle-related diseases. With the advent of technology and other several advancements that makes our lives much easy to live, it is not impossible that we forget to do our daily physical exercises and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Because of these unhealthy lifestyle that we tend to get used to, diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac arrest and other similar conditions are most like to “meet and greet” us along the way that may lead to other serious health problems later. As all of you are already aware, getting sick these days are so difficult as it is equal to countless doctors’ prescriptions, numerous diagnostic and laboratory examinations, like x-ray examinations, and of course, financial expenses, not to mention the time that you will be spending in the hospital for treatment and recovery.

Anyway, since I am fully aware that I am definitely living an unhealthy lifestyle for “countless” years already, as my weight and size are a living proof (lol) to being unhealthy, I decided to take some necessary steps to prevent myself from getting more and more unhealthy each day. This year, I am planning to take precautions and learn how to become healthy this 2013.

Blood Chemistry result

To start with this endeavor, I decided to undergo an MRI examination of my lumbar spine and found out that I have a lumbar spine slip (slip disc)resulting to a pinched nerve, this is mainly due to my weight and line of work (where I am always sitting). Next I had an x-ray of both my calcaneus (heel) to confirm my suspicion of having spurs and voila! I am right! I have calcaneal spurs on both my calcaenous. Lastly, I have undergone a blood chemistry test and found out that I have high glucose level with 149.09mg/dL with normal glucose value ranging only from 70-105mg/dL. In addition, my Cholesterol level is 239.38mg/dL (normal value is only 140-220) with LDL-cholesterol level of 182mg/dL (normal values are from 0-130).

My doctor told me to take Atorvastatin tablet during bed time to lower my bad cholesterol level and Gliclizide before breakfast to control my sugar production. In addition, I am also told to do regular physical exercises to lose weight and to lower my intake of sweet foods and to avoid soft drinks. Because I know I can’t do all of them in an instant, thus I need to do these instructions gradually.

Anyway, I am doing my very best to avoid soft drinks intake, as well as, eating desserts (Oh, I so love them!). Also, I am taking in C-lium tablets (5 tablets a day) to help me lower my cholesterol because of the effect of fiber in my body. As of the moment, after a week of taking in these medicines, I am feeling a “little bit kind of healthy”, or so I think…

I hope I can be able to start simple daily exercises sooner that will not add injury to my calcaneal spurs…

Do you have any suggestions with regards to my case? I would love to know them…

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