The Value of Anti-Theft Android Apps Installation

Installing an Anti-Theft Android Application in your Smartphone is something that should be not taken for granted by every owner of Android Phones, like me. These Anti-Theft Applications for Android may seem annoying especially when you restart or reboot your mobile phone and you are required to input your password or something like that.

Anti-Theft Android Application

Based on my experience, I am really annoyed every time I reboot my phone and I need to type my password, especially that I usually have long passwords. Until one night when I decided to uninstall those anti-theft android app and disable my SIM Change Alert notifications, as well as, turned off my GPS setting. You guess what happened the next morning? My Samsung Note 1 (GT-N7000) got stolen together with my Samsung Netbook! Take note, both units are just 2 months olds (to me).

You can just imagine how sorry I am for doing what I have done last night; how I blamed myself for making such “minor” decisions (or so I think) that will create a big difference in my life. I can say that it turned my world upside down that until now, I am still unable to digest all that happened and I think the whole thing had not sink in to me yet. If only I can turn back time and get used to being annoyed of typing my password now and then. So what I immediately did was to access the internet by using my student’s laptop, logged in to my Google Play account and uninstall my apps on my lost phone. You can also do this in one click. Just head to your apps page and select the trash icon.

Anyway, for those who have their valuable mobile phones with them, either running on Android or iOS, install your preferred Anti-Theft Apps now such as iGotYa, Where’s My Droid, SeekDroid, Prey Anti-Theft, Lookout Mobile Security and McAfee WaveSecure, among others.

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  • Very informative article, thank you for sharing.
    Recently I purchased new smartphone and installed Lookout Mobile Security but it failed.
    Now i have installed Mobi Security – Anti-theft app which runs pretty good in my device.
    It enables unique features to track lost or stolen device.

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