Steps On How to Root Cherry Mobile Titan (w500)

This post is intended to provide you, fellow Cherry Mobile Titan users, the steps on how to successfully root your Cherry Mobile Titan (w500) without bricking your gadget. I have done this myself, therefore I have proven these steps to be working. I bought my Cherry Mobile Titan (w500) White less than a month ago after my Samsung Note (N7000) was stolen. Since I have rooted my Samsung Note before, I also tried rooting my new Cherry Mobile Titan by following step by step instructions. Anyway, here are the steps, but take note to ROOT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Praning’s Shoutout will not be held responsible for whatever will happen to your phone while doing the root process. Rooting your phone will also void your warranty.

  1. First, download these files: Moborobo and Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15.7z.
  2. Install the Moborobo in your PC.
  3. Open and extract Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15.7z file in your PC.
  4. In your phone, make sure that the USB DEBUGGING function is checked. Go to Settings and then Developer options and check USB DEBUGGING.usb debugging
  5. Connect your Cherry Mobile Titan to your PC then open the MOBOROBO application and wait for a while. Let it install the driver and apps on your phone in order to access it.
  6. If you have successfully installed the driver you will see a screen similar to the screen shown below. If you have encountered an error just refresh the connection, and be sure to close Moborobo application after you have installed the driver successfully, or else you will encounter an error on the next steps.
  7. Go back to the Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15 folder that you have extracted and look for the file RunMe.bat and just DOUBLE CLICK it and NOT run as administrator.
  8. A Command window will open then choose 1 and press Y for yes (if necessary) and press enter. It will now run the whole rooting process and just wait for it to finish, take note that it will reboot for a couple of times (2 times) and once the PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE…  showed up it means you have successfully ROOTED your phone :)

Take note that you will know if you have successfully rooted your phone if you will see the SUPERSU icon in your phone. Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your Cherry Mobile Titan (W500)!


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Credits to rnovino of  Pinoy Screencast.

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  • Ser pag nag fail po ba yung proccess may chance na mabrick titan ko? or nde lang po sya maroroot?

  • Ask ko lang po. Pag nag fail po ba yung proccess mabrbrick titan ko or nde lang sya maroroot? Pati pano po ibackup at irestore yung buong rom? Sorry noob lang po

  • nice my phone is now rooted 🙂

  • @augeine, sa akin po gumana naman po

  • @GorgeouseMe, maybe there’s something wrong that you have done with the procedure, you can try to start all over again

  • @gorgeouseMe, normally they won’t be deleted, but other instances it may happen so it’s better to have a back up especially if you don’t like the update, you can easily get back to your original state..

  • @adianta, kindly closely follow po the step by step tutorial to make your phone rooted

  • @martin, rooting is to get access to the “inner core” of your phone that you can’t modify or delete normally if your phone is not rooted…

  • The supersu app didn’t showed.

  • What if I didn’t back up my files? Will they be deleted after this root procedure?

  • How to root Jelly Bean version , i try using RunMe.bat and the result is not working; after phone restarting the command prompt says [mount: (Are you root ?)] then i check superSU not found and phone is not rooted

  • pra po saan ung rooting boss? ^_^ hehehe.. . tnx newbie wid dis phone

  • kapag naka 4.1.1 jellybean na..gagana pa po ba tong procedure na toh?

  • @francis, congrats!

  • weew!! thanks! now my phone is rooted.. =)

  • what should i do if it appears like this ?

    adb server is out of date. killing…
    ADB server didnt ACK
    * failed to start daemon *

  • @zol207, try mo sa moborobo, disconnect and connect lang ulit…

  • Sir bakit po di ma detect yung Titan ko ng PC ko. Pero na chacharge naman siya using USB Cord thru PC.

  • @kris, di naman po virus yan… try mo lang po kumuha ng moborobo dito: http://download.cnet.com/Moborobo/3000-18511_4-75647777.html

  • @chito, try mo po ito: http://download.cnet.com/Moborobo/3000-18511_4-75647777.html…good luck po!

  • Ser praning… puro beta yung moborobo, wala bang link na makaka kuha ng di beta ayaw kc gumana sakin ICS 4.0.1 ung O.S. ko eh, muntik ako ma brick sa beta 🙁

  • this link is blocked by eset


  • @krungkiemonster, you’re very welcome

  • Thank you for the tutorial 😀 thumbs up!

  • @athan,
    yes, you need to back up your phone becuase you will wipe all the data when you do this procedure, your kernel will be the same

  • @jay, basta don’t forget lang po mg back up bago gawin ito… pls be reminded po na void na po waranty nu upon doing this…

  • @archee,
    closely follow lang po ng instructions, sa end ko naman po one try lang, d same process lang naman po…

  • @pjay, sorry wala po ako idea if gagana droidvpn, never tried it po eh…

  • @pjay, af far as I know po yung pinaka advantage ng pgroot ng unit is that u can access po yung mga apps or softwares na limited po pag unrooted

  • @aileen, yes mam, you can upgrade it to JB pa dn

  • Hi! After I perform rooting within my titan can i still manage to upgrade my titan android to jelly bean? Thank you

  • ano advantage ng rooted titan gagana ba droidvpn?

  • what is the advantage of rooted titan? ibig sabihin ba gagana dito droidvpn?

  • welcome! congrats…

  • paki follow lang po eksakto ng procedure, kc yung sa akin naman po at yung sa iba ng follow ng steps pg unroot, ok naman po


  • Thanks for the tutorial… My CM Titan w500 is now rooted 🙂

  • @jay, wala lang po ako idea kc di naman po na brick yung cherry ko basta po follow lang po closely ng instructions…

  • pag na-brick ang device, may recovery pa bah?

  • hi! it is always safe to back up all your phone’s content whenever you try to root…

  • do i need to back up my phone? does my apps/contacts will be deleted if i succesfully finished this procedure? does my kernel be changed also?

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