Choose Your Own Number With Sun Name Ur Number SIM

Everybody wants a personalized mobile number, right? But most of the times, only the postpaid subscribers or those with “plan” have the power to choose their own mobile number.

Sun Name Ur Number SIM

Now, we don’t have to envy them anymore because Sun Cellular Prepaid is now giving us the power to choose our own number with the New Sun Name Ur Number SIM!

According to Nuffnang’s blog:

With something as personal as a mobile number, wouldn’t t it be awesome to have a number combination that you can easily remember? Now, prepaid subscribers can also have that choice!

Mobile telecommunications Sun Cellular brings another first in the market with its new Sun Name Ur Number SIM – a prepaid SIM which allows subscribers to choose their own mobile number for FREE. Be it 0943-9-NUFFIE, 0942-8-CHURP2 or 0943-8-ILUVNN.

This service is usually offered to postpaid subscribers only, but now this “name your number” feature is extended to Sun Prepaid subscribers allowing them to have a more personal approach to communication – whether they want to include their name, birth date or a unique word combination that speaks of their individual preference, lifestyle or interest!

On top of this feature, Sun Name Ur Number SIM also comes with a Sun Call and Text Combo 50 load which is valid for 5 days (comes with 200 Sun texts, 200 texts to other networks and 70 minutes of Sun calls), all for only P59.

With this premium service offered to its prepaid subscribers, Sun Cellular strengthens its status as the good choice in mobile telecommunications and continues its commitment in providing subscribers better value products and services.

Along with the network’s reliable connection, wider network coverage and a variety of prepaid products that cater to every budget need and lifestyle, now clearly is the best time to be with Sun Prepaid.

So make the good choice now; go to any Sun retailers or Sun Shop and get your personalized number with Sun Name Ur Number SIM. Hurry before someone else does!

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