Coloud The Knock from Pinay Ads and Digits Trading Corporation

Last October 23, 2012,  I joined an online contest hosted by Pinay Ads and the prizes are Coloud’s The Knock and The Pop. These headset/headphones are sponsored by Digits Trading Corporation. Joining was easy courtesy of Raffle Copter.

The Knock

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So when the contest ended, I was surprised when my friend, Iris of Pinay Ads sent me an email congratulating me for being one of the winners of her contest, where I won the Knock by Coloud. I was happy and ecstatic because I just love the color of the The Knock, which is purple! Aside of course, from the sound quality and the fact that I can have it for free without paying P1, 450.00 (it’s retail price in stores)!

Now, I am eager to have them and just can’t wait to receive the prize within this week as promised by Pinay Ads!

Once again, thank you and I’m this is just one of the reasons why I’m thankful to be a blogger! ^_^


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