Another Functional Products from Nin ZShop

In one of my earlier posts, I have mentioned about the unique and functional items I bought from Nin Zshop through her online shop in Facebook. This time, I bought Cellu5000, Snore Gone, Card Guard and one black Ahh Bra!

Cellu5000 is for my sister, I already lost hope getting rid of my countless extra cellulites…lol… According to my sister, this product is effective that she immediately felt and saw the result after the use of this product.

As for Snore Gone, I have only used it once since I constantly forgot to wear it during night time especially that I usually sleep around 2 or 3 in the morning. But my husband noticed that my snore is not that “irritating” anymore when I used it. As for my experience, Snore Gone did not disturb my sleep in any way. I guess I just have to frequently remind myself to wear it every time I’m in bed…

The CardGuard is what I love most because aside from being functional, it’s also unique that I haven’t seen them in regular stores yet. Now, I have an organized cards and ID’s in this handy card organizer plus it does not deform, too!
Lastly, the Aahh Bra, as what I have seen in TV (As Seen In TV), is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn because I don’t have to worry about the itching straps anymore plus it’s totally comfortable! I only have one comment about this bra, you really have to have “small nipples” because it has no paddings, but don’t worry, padding can be used, too!

I am hoping to purchased another items from NinZshop sooner…

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