Baby Tyke’s 5th Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday, October 7, 2012, my daughter, Tyke, celebrated her 5th birthday! Baby Tyke's birthday invitationWe did not celebrated it just like how normal families do, instead, we celebrated her birthday in “our way”.

Since her birthday falls on a Sunday, we had a simple celebration together with her classmates and teacher at school, after their regular class schedule. Actually, I am not used to celebrating birthdays with food preparations and stuffs like that, but because my daughter literally begged for it, I gave in.

So we prepared snacks for her classmates and teacher consisting of spaghetti and fried chicken, then we bought a small, simple cake, plus juice and brought it to school.

Although, I was so tired because of the preparations, I was contented and glad upon seeing how happy my daughter was when we arrived at school with the snacks for everyone.

Aside from that, she was also happy to receive several birthday gifts from her classmates and as her mother, I can rally feel, how happy she was on that day.

Ah, my “effort” truly paid off.

Now, the next day, October 6, my husband and I, together with our daughter, of course, went to Bacolod City (from Kabankalan City) to roam around, feel the “Masskara Month” and have fun! We went to SM City Bacolod, had some shopping, dine and enjoyed our time together at the World of Fun (WOF), where we won a lot of tickets and exchanged them for some kid’s stuffs (coloring book, crayons and pencil case with sharpener, ruler, pencil and eraser). Again, my daughter really enjoyed our quality time together.

If I’m not mistaken, the last time we did this activity was almost a year ago, so I can also tell that my husband had fun and that he, too, enjoyed our family time together. Anyway, around 9 in the evening, we decided to spend the night at one of the cheap lodges in Bacolod City, the Star Plus Lodge along Lacson St. (I will make a review about this lodge on my next post).

The next day, October 7, was my daughter’s birthday! Before we went home to Kabankalan City, we decided to roam around Robinson’s Place and later at 888. After that, we decided to go home and around 3:30 PM, we arrived home and then later that night, we had a dinner at our fave hang out, the Alton’s Bar and Grill.

I’ll just make a separate post of our other activities on my succeeding posts.


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