How To Get To Tacloban City From Negros Occidental

Last July 19, 2012, my students and I experienced a long road trip to Tacloban City from Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental.  Let me share to you how to get from Negros Occidental to Tacloban City.
Leyte Park Hotel
We left Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, around 3 o’ clock in the morning through Vallacar Transit (Ceres) going to Cebu City. We paid around P500.00 from Kabankalan to Cebu City Wharf going to Ormoc City It was approximately 8 hours of road trip, thus we arrived around 11 in the morning in Cebu City wharf. We just told the bus driver that we are going to Ormoc so they dropped us near the wharf. It was a walking distance going to Weesam Express Terminal and other fast crafts.

We bought a round trip ticket from Weesam Express (fast craft) for only P1,100.00. Actually, one way ticket costs P650 but because of their fare promo, round trip ticket only costed P1,100 instead of P1,300. Aside from the ticket, we also paid P25.00 for the terminal fee; in fairness their terminal is clean and comfy and air conditioned. Food is also available inside the terminal and other souvenir items, as well.

Anyway, we waited for the fast craft to arrive because the next scheduled trip is 4:40PM. Then when Weesam Express arrived, we waited for a moment until all the passengers have disembarked, then we boarded the ship. The fast craft looked liked the ones at Bacolod-Iloilo route so we’re quite familiar about the boarding process. By the way, there are only 2 trips everyday from Cebu to Ormoc and vice versa and the first trip is 10:45 AM.

After approximately 3hours, we arrived at Ormoc City wharf. It was almost 8 in the evening and we boarded the first van that we saw just inside the terminal. We paid for the van (Duptours) P120.00 from Ormoc City to Tacloban City. We took a nap during the long road trip and after more or less 4 hours, we arrived at Duptours Terminal (11PM).

Then we stayed at Royal Suite Hotel for the night where we paid P1200 for a De Luxe room (good for 2) and P800 for regular air conditioned  room, which is good for 4 – both rooms have their own bathroom and TV set (w/cable). The place  is clean and I felt comfortable and safe.

Royal Suite Hotel

Royal Suite De Luxe Room

After we have settled in, we looked for something to eat and just a few blocks from the hotel we found a stall that offers sizzling food. The price were just like any other student-friendly sizzlers and the taste was ok. Sorry, I forgot the name of the stall…hehehe

The next day, we transferred to Leyte Park Hotel because the registration fee for the convention included the 3 nights accommodation plus food. After we have settled our baggage and other stuffs, we decided to tour the City and we rented a van, which charged us P1200 for the first 3 hours.

On my next post I will blog about our Tacloban City Tour and I will give some useful tips and other info, so stay tuned…

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