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I am fond of collecting unique and functional items since I was a child. If not because I move a lot, maybe I had more than enough collections of those kind of stuffs, from old coins of various currencies, from pens, hair clips, key chains, Swiss knives, functional bags, mugs, and a lot more.

I used to browse the internet for these kind of stuffs and though I don’t usually buy things online, I look for local stores that sell similar goods and buy directly to make sure I won’t be victimized by online scam.

One time, I saw an online shop, Nin Zshop, which sells unique and functional items and most of them can only be seen and available in Home Shopping Network and the like. Because I have been planning to acquire some items, I contacted the owner of the online shop and I was surprised that it was owned by my first cousin, whom I haven’t seem for a long time and have met just  thrice as she and her siblings grew up in Luzon, with my Uncle and Aunt.

Needless to say, I ordered a couple of items from her shop and I was surprised to know that I was her first customer. Anyway, my first orders were camera lens mug, a ypad and a kangaroo set organizer. After 2 days I received the items via LBC! I Just add P115 for the shipping.

unique stuffs from Nin ZShop

The mug (P500.00) looked like a Nikon Camera Lens and obviously, its both unique and functional! I really love it! The YPad (P400.00) looked like an iPad from a distance but that’s just that. It’s a cheap educational toy that is perfect for my daughter in learner her ABC’s, numbers, spellings and object identification. My daughter really loves it!

As for the Kangaroo set organizer (P240.00), is a set of 2 bag organizers that I found very useful as it saves me from the usual clutter inside my bag and also effectively helps me find my personal stuff in no time!

I’m just glad I found a reliable online shop that sells these kinds of items, not to mention that the owner is my cousin.

For more As Seen On TV items at an affordable price, you may visit her Facebook Online Shop at this link:

 Payment is thru GCash and Bank deposit.

Stay tuned for more items I bought from NinZShop Online on my next post…

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