Hoping To Have A Productive and Memorable July

The month of July has already started and we haven’t started our clinical duty yet. Actually, this has given me both negative and positive effects (which I will discuss briefly below). Even so, I am still hoping to have a productive and memorable month of July for this year (you’ll know why below…^_^).

It has been 4 years ago since I started as a clinical instructor for my BSRT students, where I spent most of my time in the hospital, while I only spend a day or 2 every week with my family since the hospitals we were assigned in were about a 3-hour drive from our place and it’s not ideal for me to go home daily. Our duty starts every May and ends every March of the following year. You can just imagine how hard it was for me and my family to seldom see each other and spend time together plus the physical fatigue that I have been enduring during my weekly travels.

Anyway, this year, we haven’t started or duty yet as scheduled due to some unavoidable circumstances. This have made me spend most of my time with my family that made our bonds more stronger and positive changes have also happened with regards to our marriage. The turn of events have been so positive that I will not trade those moments with any other else. On the other hand, because I am only receiving my basic salary, my finances are not that stable since I am paying for various monthly dues.

Maybe, I’m just lucky or I’m just “madiskarte” enough to find several ways to earn extra income plus, of course, God is good that He gave me a “couple of things” to do, both online and offline, that made me earn extra dough. Thank, God, I have survived these months in terms of paying our monthly dues!

This month, I am positive that we will be able to start our duty next week, plus attend the yearly Midyear convention at Tacloban City. Also, I am hoping for a successful t-shirt printing of my husband for their frat’s anniversary celebration (another extra income for us, too!).

Well, I just wish I have a special power or extra sensory power (ESP)  like precognition, to predict what’s coming; but I don’t want to be a clairvoyant since I’m afraid of seeing things beyond human senses just like what clairvoyants do…LOL

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  • Interesting read. And yes, best of luck for your t-shirt printing business. 🙂

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