Another Spa Riviera Relaxing Experience

Last Tuesday, May 29, 2012, after my whole day review class and a Taebo Session, I decided to visit Spa Riviera once again. As I have been ranting months ago, I really miss going to spa, especially Spa Riviera because it is the only spa where I super love the service, as compared to other Spa that I have already visited (actually there are few because I’m afraid to waste my money because I’m not sure of the quality of service). Another thing that adds to my excitement to visit spa is the fact that I have seen quality care and pampering services rendered by nurses at some Nursing Magazines.

Anyway, the owner of Spa Riviera was kind enough to give me a 10% discount. My mom and I

Spa Rivieravisited their Gen. Luna Branch @ Iloilo City (2nd floor Jabez Bldg.) around 10PM (they close at 11PM). We were greeted by their guard and staffs and that’s a plus point for me because I’m sort of particular with manners and etiquette (^_^).  I’m glad they have a guard now because my last visit almost a year ago, there was none yet.

At the reception area, we were greeted and immediately entertained by the receptionist and she was nice enough to inform us about their promo or combination packages. Actually, my mom and I sort of had a hard time choosing the service that we like since, personally, I want to try them all, but then my budget is limited (hahaha) plus they’ll be closing an hour after.

So, my mom decided to avail of package including a foot scrub and massage for only P300.00, while I ended up choosing my “all-time favorite”, whole body scrub and massage for only P425.00. Instead of paying P725.00, i just paid P652.50! Not that big savings but at least I have something to give out as a “tip” later to the staffs who will give me and my mom a very relaxing experience.

When we were in the female area to avail the service, I noticed a big change in the set-up, though I was not surprised anymore since I have already seen the picture and read the announcements to Spa Riviera’s Facebook Account and Facebook Page, regarding the changes. I just can’t help but noticed the advantages and disadvantages of the new set-up/procedure, although they are just minor.

I like the new dressing/locking area because it’s more private and secure, as well as, the shower room. Liquid soap is now available in the shower area, unlike the cheap soap bar before. Their body scrub area are ok but, I’m just being anxious that somebody might take a peek at the heavy curtains that divides the room from the facial, foot and chair spa service room, not to mention that the light is somewhat “brighter” that the previous dim light. Also, the last body scrub I availed, my face was also “scrubbed”, but that night, it wasn’t.  Nevertheless, I still love the feeling after being “scrubbed”.

After the smoothening body scrub, I was assisted to the shower room and provided with a new towel and a bathrobe. After the shower I was assisted to the massage room and the staff was also nice and polite. She assisted me when I assumed the prone position on the bed and asked me if I was comfortable. She left for a while and when she returned, I noticed a smell of mint (or the like) in the room and it made me even more relaxed. Again, I can’t help but noticed that light is a little bit brighter when I expected it to be dimmed (just like before). I didn’t bother to inform the staff about my concern because I was just so tired and sleepy.

About the massage, it’s still the same massage that I always “long for”. Oh, I really can’t get enough of it! It was a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage and I really really love it! I just hope my husband will be able to learn it in the near future (lol).

Sadly, that bliss has to end but my mom and I are so satisfied that we will be again be coming back for sure in the not so distant future! Thank you, Spa Riviera!

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