Review of Acapulco Spring Resort: Facility and Rates

Earlier today, my family and I decided to visit Acapulco Spring Resort located at Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental. It was about 15-minute ride from the main road. My husband and I rode the motorcycle, while my sister, her BF and my daughter, were in the tricycle, where they paid Php25 each (from the main road to the resort).

When we’re there, we paid Php20 each (adults) for entrance fee (Php10 for children above 3feet). We were directed to a close cottage (without a comfort room and only bamboo table and bench were inside – please see the pictures) made of native materials (nipa and bamboo). The caretaker who assisted us was friendly enough to entertain our queries and she told me that the cottage rental fee is Php300.00 (which I already expected since I already searched the internet beforehand). She also added that if we need to charge our cellphones, laptops and other gadgets, we will pay additional Php10; I just nodded.

She was also kind enough to lend us a “kalan” and a “grill” for us to cook our food. Good thing we brought a “kaldero” and other necessary utensils (plates, spoons and forks, glasses, knife, etc.). We had grilled pork and chicken, as well as hard boiled eggs for lunch ala Boodle-fight style.

Anyway, as for the pools, they have 3 adjoining pools, where the water from the spring is distributed. Sorry but I have to mention that the pool is not well-maintained as some parts of it was kind of slimy or slippery due to the presence of moss. Actually, it is evident when you see the color of the water in the pool (which is green). Also, the main pool where the spring water is directly supplied is for the children, which is around 2 feet in depth. The second pool is for the adults where the depth varies from around 3 feet up to 6 feet. The third pool, I think, is not yet operational as of posting time since nobody dared to use it earlier because it is not yet fully “furnished”, as I may call it.

I haven’t noticed a canteen or resto in the area but there is a Sari-sari store inside. As expected, the price is a little bit higher as compared to other stores outside the Acapulco Spring Resort. This is the reason why we only bought 1 bottle of 12oz coca-cola, which costs Php18.00. Since my husband’s money was Php20, they didn’t give him his change immediately and told him that the change would stand as his deposit for the bottle of soft drinks that he bought and that they will give him the change upon return of the bottle. Although it’s not a big deal for me, I would just like to mention that even if they know that we are their “visitors” or customers of the resort, still they impose that “deposit” regulation?

I know that after the customers leave the cottage, they (caretakers) immediately check the area, so obviously the bottles would still be there and just in case, the customers can’t leave the vicinity just like that because they need to wait for a tricycle (more or less around 15minutes) if they don’t have private vehicles, plus the road is rough and a one-way. Meaning, they can call the leaving customers ASAP just in case something’s missing from the resort’s property right?

Another thing that convinced me not to come back at Acapulco Spring Resort is that, I learned that if we decided to stay for the night, we will pay additional Php500 (that’s Php800 in total!). The caretaker informed me that the P500 will go for the electricity consumed for the entire stay and the P300 is for the cottage rental fee good for 3 persons; in excess of 3, there is a corresponding additional charge. Imagine, Php800.00 for a small cottage without beddings or whatsoever and without a comfort room? Just electricity and a cottage?! Hmmmm… I’ll better be in Balicacao Ecopark. Because of this,  we decided not to spend the night at the resort anymore. Although they have newly constructed comfort/shower rooms located on the corner of the resort (far from the pool and from our cottage), still I consider it not an ideal place to stay for the night.

Before we left this afternoon, my sister and I, together with her BF decided to visit the caves that the place is sort of known for. A 15-year old boy volunteered himself to guide us for FREE, but then we gave him some amount just the same. After around 10-15minutes of walking, we reached the cave, one of the caves actually. Since we’re not that prepared (we don’t have flashlights), we decided to take pictures at the opening of the cave, and looked around; watched the birds flew outside the cave as we entered it. Well. As for me, there’s nothing “spectacular” about the “cave experience”, maybe because we haven’t thoroughly explored it.

Anyway, we left Acapulco Spring Resort around 5 in the afternoon. It was not an extraordinary experience with regards to the resort, but a good time for my husband and I, together with my daughter to spend quality time together.

I hope our next summer escapade would be much exciting and spectacular!

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