Acapulco Spring Resort Rates and Other Important Tips

Yesterday, I have blogged about our summer getaway @ Acapulco Spring Resort. Today, I will add some useful information and tips when you plan to visit the resort @ Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental.

Here are they:


Entrance: adult – P 20.00
Entrance: children (above 3 feet) – P 10.00
Entrance: children below 3 feet – FREE
Cottage rental rate (open) – Php 200.00
Cottage rental rate (close) – Php 300.00
Cottage rental rate (overnight) – Php 800.00
Pavillon with videoke – P3,000.00
Pavillon w/o videoke – P2,000.00


Important Note:

Please don’t forget to bring your own food and utensils when you plan to visit Acapulco Spring Resort, and of course, your own beddings when you plan to spend the night there. Mosquito repellants are also advised because the place is not well-maintained that dried leaves, falling tree branches and the like are found at the back of the cottages.
In addition, if you don’t have your own car or the like, make sure that you get the tricycle driver’s contact number so that you can text them anytime just in case you want to leave the place. LOL.

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