I’m Loving My Firmoo High Quality Glasses!

Last April 7, I was informed by my fellow blogger, Iris, about Firmoo eyeglassesFirmoo Global Online Optical Store‘s giveaway for bloggers. Firmoo is giving away free eye wear (of your choice) to the chosen bloggers in exchange for a fair review; of course, I joined. Although I don’t need prescription glasses, I definitely need protective eyeglasses due to long hours of working in front of my laptop. Actually, I am already wearing a pair of computer glasses because I was diagnosed to have “dry eyes” because of the same reason.

Anyway, after I filled up the application form and emailed it to Firmoo, they positively replied in less than 24 hours and told me that they will be sending my chosen glasses ASAP. After a week, I received the protective eyeglasses and upon opening the package, I was just so happy because I really loved the purple glasses and it’s lightweight as compared to the one I am already wearing, which is made from metal frame. The package include spectacle cases and eyeglasses bags, micro-fiber lens clothes, one screwdriver, extra screws (screw nuts) and replacement nose pads.
Firmoo Glasses Package Content

It’s a Unisex Full Frame Plastic Eyeglasses – it’s a Tortoise shell colored frame that makes me look like a “real genius” (LOL), as for the purple color frame, it makes me look approachable (in contrary to the genius look). The eyeglasses’ medium rectangle lenses shape gives me a that unique but and energetic look.

The plastic full frame is only around 17 grams that makes it lightweight and gives me that comfortable feeling when I’m wearing the glasses that is the reason why I am always wearing it (day and night) except when I’m about to sleep. You know, my old eyeglasses is made of metal frames and I seldom use it because I’m uncomfortable wearing them. As for the lenses, the first time I wore them, I was surprised because it’s a lot clearer and somewhat feels “cool” to my eyes. Whenever I am in front of my laptop and wearing the eyeglasses, I don’t feel my eyes itching or irritated (as what I have experienced before).
me in my Firmoo glasses
Overall, I have no negative comment about the glasses and I am “all praises” about it! I can say that Firmoo indeed provides high quality glasses!

If you want to prove it, just watch out for my upcoming onlline contest and I’ll giveaway several pairs of Firmoo eyeglasses or sunglasses (of your choice) as prizes!

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  • Excellent review of Firmoo High Quality Glasses. I can say that It’s really very amazing high quality glasses. Because I used it so know about that as well as. Thanks

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