Post Birthday Celebration @ The Beach

Last time I have blogged about my birthday and how I simply and ordinarily celebrated it; this time, I would like to share about the post birthday celebration and how and where I celebrated it, as well as, with whom. So here it is…

The following day after my birthday, that was March 3, Saturday, my ” friends” and I went to the beach at Cauayan, Negros Occidental (around 30-45 mins travel time from Kabankalan City). After several months of being “away” from them and creating a gap because of so many reasons that can simply be described as “complicated”, it was again the perfect time for us to reunite, update each other with the latest events in our own lives, as well as, to simply spend time together. Since I was not allowed to stay overnight, the group decided that we just spend the whole day together and maximize the time by making every second worth it.

Again, it was an ordinary celebration that we just bought some slice of pork from the market we passed by along the way, one of them brought the rice, there was no gift (first time after 2 years of being friends), but then it’s the moment that really counts. When we get there, the boys prepared our food while others are just chitchatting. While waiting for the food, we played cards, our favorite past time, while others, made themselves busy – fooling around, cracking jokes (which I certainly missed) and finding something funny over an ordinary thing or topic.

Anyway, when the food was ready, as usual, we ate boodle fight style, where the cooked rice with the viand, is served together  on top of the banana leaves. Another moment that I have missed. But it does not end there, since majority of them didn’t have the slightest idea that I have already “decided”, I was treated extra special (or so I thought). There were gestures showed that touched my heart and made me told myself that I have made the right decision. Sorry, I can’t elaborate it here, it’s corny and some are “cheesy”…lol Gosh, I really miss these “carefree rascals”!

After the sumptuous lunch, we talked for a while about anything, fooled around – the usual things we do when we are together. Then decided to play with the huge waves that were striking the sand. Yes, the waves are unusually huge for that one fine day. Thank God, it did not rain that day.

We took pictures, of course, which is “a must”; crazy, innovative, artistic, nonsense, stupid and touching pictures were taken…

Anyway,  when we were leaving the place, I can’t help but inform one of them (who’s close to me and got really “affected” when I built the barrier between me and them) that I have already decided. His expression/gesture told me how thankful he is (although he told me so verbally with a cracking voice) and that made me simply happy.

Before I go to bed that night, I tried to absorbed all the things that took place that one fine day. I realized how we missed each other’s company and how important I am to them, as well as, they are to me. It even made me realize that “money can’t really buy happiness (as if I’m rich…hahaha). The joy they bring to me is priceless although I know that very very soon, they will be leaving me for the better. I guess, that will be one of the saddest days of my life, but again, that’s life and I’m quite prepared for that “moment” to come because that moment will signify a big leap for them.

“People may come and go but it’s how they touched our lives that matters, after all.”

Thank you, guys, for that special day!




Sorry guys, I can’t post pictures here for some reasons…

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