How I Made The Right Decision

Making the right decision was never an easy task. Several things must be considered; a lot of factors must be weighed and so on. As for me, I haven’t slept for a couple of nights thinking of those “factors” that must be taken into consideration.

For those who know me, I guess you know what I have been through these past few months. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, let’s just say that I have to make a major decision in my life that involves my family and career, as well as between the “heart” and the “mind”.

How can I let go?

I have been offered something that was very hard to refuse (financial) and a position (career) that I have been wanting to in one of the prestigious institutions in Manila. I was ready to go because I have been planning to “since time immemorial” to have a change in my “work environment”. Since I was ready that time, I decided to stay away from my “students” who have been close enough to my heart in order for me not to be┬áhurt that much when the time comes that I have to leave.

I planned not to inform them about my decision, since I know it will be too hard for both (students and I) of us. But then, the time came when I really have to let them know, considering the fact that it’s their future, too, that will be affected when I leave.

The next few days, or weeks, I guess, became critical for me because I was informed that I have to report to the “new institution” before the month of February ends. I know that when I “report” there, that’s it! There’s no turning back. The “students” pleaded me in any way they can, saying things that went straight to my heart that it figuratively bled for them.

That was when sleepless nights came, terrible insomnia together with migraine attacked, and unproductive days (and nights) went through because I was not in the mood to work and my mind is preoccupied with making the right decision. I even asked for some advices and it all turned out that the final decision will still come from me…

Since I’m torn between my personal growth and the love for my students (and their future), I decided to make a mental list of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing any of the “decision”. I considered my family, my career and other important things that are worth including. After that, what I came up is that, it will be best for me to leave.

But then, I’m still stuck “here”. You may wonder why… It’s because I can’t stand being selfish; improving my career, living a much financially stable life and being happy with my supposed to be new environment while my “students” (who I already considered as my best friends, my sons and daughters) are experiencing difficulties and losing hope for a “brighter” future.

I guess my “disease to please” is once again reigning over me and because I let my heart rule over my mind, I am ready to be disappointed, ready to be hurt in the process, but nevertheless, I am happy that I made this decision.

“Career and money will come and go, but the gratitude will forever stay.”

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