Celebrating my 32nd Birthday

Last March 2, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. There was nothing special about that day as I intended to let the day pass like just any ordinary day as my own little form of “rebellion”. I know you’re wondering what “rebellion” I am talking about, but forgive me, I guess it’s not worth discussing it here.

Anyway, when that “special day” arrived my husband told me that we should somewhat celebrate even in simple ways. I hesitated for a while but then I gave in since it’s my birthday after all!

My day started with my regular class (8:00 AM) and at around 10 in the morning, I went to a grocery store and bought something for our lunch. I invited my “students” over for lunch. Actually, I was not at ease that time because there was a “history” between the “students” and my hubby.¬†Anyway, the lunch went well and at around 2:00PM we left the house because I still have a class.

Worst thing happened when I went home late in the afternoon because I had a terrible migraine and all I did when I got home was sleep.

That’s how simple I celebrated my birthday. Nothing spectacular. Nothing fancy. No presents from famous painters and decorators

I can’t say that it’s memorable but then, that’s life…

Anyway, more birthdays are yet to come (and I am positively hoping for that…^_^) and I guess those upcoming years will be more “fantastic”!

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