Why Was Dinagyang 2012 in Iloilo City Memorable?

My family and I got a chance to have a short vacation at Iloilo City, in time for the Dinagyang Festival last January 22, 2012. Actually, it was never in our plan, even going home (after more or less 6 months) is not in our itinerary.

Anyway, to make the long story short, our main purpose that we went home (in Iloilo from Negros) is for shirt printing. We contacted my husband’s friend and he assured us that he can give us around a hundred customers for shirt printing with the Dinagyang theme of course.

Again, to make the story short, the transaction was not materialized, though we had less than 20 customers. Since there’s no use in blaming someone, we decided that shirt printing was not not really our main purpose, but to have a week vacation to visit my mom. Dinagyang and shirt printing were just a “plus”.

On the day of the festival, we went to the main streets to once again experience merry making. We noticed that people were not that “many” and the streets were not that “busy” as compared to last year. Also, sound systems are few when compared to the previous years of the Dinagyang Festival celebration.

Nevertheless, this Dinagyang Festival (2012) was one of my memorable Dinagyang because ONLY me, my husband and my daughter roamed around. No other people to entertain to unlike those past years where I have to attend to “my guests” and my husband is having a “good” time with his fratmates drunk.

This year, was the very first year that we just had a simple dinner over a grilled chicken sitting in cheap desks with our daughter in one of the stalls, then he just had 2 bottles of RedHorse (with my permission) then we went home after that. Not that exciting merry making practice, but a memorable one that we were both contented…

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