Better Late Than Never…

Yes, better late than never, so I still want to greet you, my avid readers, a Happy New Year and I wish you a productive 2012 and a year full of blessings!

As for me, fortunately, I am welcomed by this year, 2012, with a very good start (blessing). You know, in the last two weeks of 2011, I had a duty in the hospital with my students and every after duty, I spent almost all of my time working on my book.

It’s a textbook entitled “Radiologic Physics Made Incredibly together with it’s corresponding manual. Since I’m an insomniac, I had the reasons to stay up late, very late actually (until 5:30am), and I spent those sleepless nights working on my “brainchild”.

Radiologic Physics Made Incredibly Easy Book and Workbook

To make the long story short, I finished my work the next year (one year after…lol), January 2, 2012, to be exact. Then I contacted 2 publishers and I was lucky enough not to wait too long for their responses because the next day, both of them expressed their interests to publish my work. The first one is Jade Bookstore and Publishing House and the other one is Malunes Printing Press and Publishing House.

So, last week January 5, I sent the typescript (manuscript if handwritten, FYI) to Jade Bookstore and I am scheduled to see the owner/publisher of Malunes Printing Press on Tuesday. Now I am anxiously waiting for the feedback of Mrs. Diaz, owner of Jade Bookstore, regarding my work.

Modesty aside, I know that the book will be certainly published because it is the “first” of its kind in the Philippines. Well, I’m just too anxious and excited about the exact date that it will be out in bookstores nationwide.

Now, isn’t this the best way to start my year?

How about you? How did your 2012 started? You can share yours on the comment section below…

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