Want to Know “What’s A Healthy Deal”?

In every transaction that I make, I always see to it that I can come up with a healthy deal as much as possible; healthy deal means both parties will equally gain from the deal. In addition, when asked: “What’s A Healthy Deal?” the first thing that comes to my mind is a deal or a transaction that involves health; for instance, there is an offer for you to stay in shape by learning new ways to exercise at a discounted price, here, you get to stay fit, while your expenses “fit” your budget, as well. Now, that’s a healthy deal!

Healthy Deals Philippines

Speaking of healthy deal, the newly launched and the only group-buying site in the country, Healthy Deals Philippines, also known as Healthydeals.ph, is now here to offer the health and wellness enthusiasts the best and exclusive health and wellness deals, coupons and discounts in town! Giving health and wellness discounts to potential customers is an effective way to advocate healthy living because individuals will be encouraged to grab the “healthy deal” because it is offered at an exclusively discounted price. Now, who wouldn’t want discounts, right?

Furthermore, Healthy Deals Philippines, not just offer health and wellness deals; the site also contains health-related articles or posts that can provide additional knowledge to the readers on how to stay healthy at all times. Actually, I had just subscribed to this site’s feed because I want to be updated with their health-related posts as well as their latest deals (not just ordinary deals, take note, but healthy deals).

Here’s one of the site’s healthy deals that I am planning to avail: the Home-Service Body Sculpting Laser Lipo by Posh and Glam; instead of paying its original price of P7, 000.00, I only need to pay, P1, 999.00! A really good deal or shall I say healthy deal, right? With this healthy deal, I can have the freedom to choose ANY TWO body parts for sculpting treatment and enjoy painless way of losing my excess “fats” at the convenience of my own home! This is a healthy deal that will surely convince “plus size” people, like me, to choose health and wellness because the discounted price is so reasonable that there’s no more excuse not to stay healthy.

What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers Raffle Contest

Anyway, not just customers will benefit from Healthydeals.ph, but also the merchants, as they can gain more customers in no time when they partner with Healthy Deals Philippines, because this site is supported by bloggers who have health and wellness niches. And to give back to these bloggers who support healthy lifestyle, Healthydeals.ph is now running a month-long “What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers Raffle Contest, which will end on October 20, 2011. In this contest, qualified bloggers will have a chance to win an Apple iPad 2!

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Healthy Deals Philippines is a project of Hot Deals Corporation, a company which aims to:

…envision to create networks of different deal sites that will cater to different niches such as travel & leisure, sports, food & beverage, and the like

with its mission

…to bring to the clients best deals on health options and wellness program to keep you in shape with less hassle on your pockets. More so, for merchants, to make their business grow and to introduce to the clients the best health options.

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