Pretty Hattie’s Entry to “JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up so Fast Contest”

My kid’s growing up so fast that she knows how to “retouch”…

JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up so Fast Contest

We’re at KFC here (photo) and while waiting for our orders, she borrowed my pressed powder and did her own “retouch”! Before that, she told me that it’s so hot and that she looked ugly and, according to her, she needed to do her make up again (she already wore make-up when we left home), since I only brought my pressed powder, I gave it to her.

Below is the photo of my Baby Tyke when she was only 3 ½ years old. My kid’s growing up so fast because “retouch” is already in her vocabulary despite her very young age!

Johnson's Baby
She is changing before my eyes but her skin is still like a baby’s. We still need the gentle care of JOHNSON’s Baby Milk, with Vitamins A&E and 100% more milk proteins to nourish developing skin. Since she loves to put on make-up, her sensitive skin must be given extra care to avoid irritations and allergic reactions that make-ups may cause to her delicate baby skin.

Just like some adult women do, she frequently changes her make-up, as if she really needs to. Because I’m rest assured that her skin is well taken care of by Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath, I just allow her to play with those cosmetic products. Now, I will start collecting make-up sets while I can still afford to so do so that when the right time comes, she can brag to her friends her “vintage” cosmetics (^_^)

Johnson's Baby
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Today, October 7, is my Baby Tyke’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday, Baby Tyke! Daddy and Mommy love you so much! Mwuah!

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  • Soft and silky… that’s me pretty Hattie!!!

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  • I’m your little darling!

    Marilou Lim

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  • Caption: “Pretty Hattie: Little Miss Beauty Queen”

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