Mag-aso Falls Review of Rates & Facilities

Last Saturday, October 8, 2011, my family and I went to Mag-aso Falls, Kabankalan City Negros Occidental. The rates are as follows:

Entrance fee:     P50.00/person

Overnight Fee:  P1,000 good for 2 persons

 Additional P200/head for excess person; maximum of 4 persons per room

Regular cottage:   P200.00

Dressing room:   P2.00

CR:         P2.00

Shower room: P2.00

Lifesaver (for kids) P30.00


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Facilities are fine, nothing remarkable. As of posting time, there are two overnight “cottages” available and one regular cottage for rent. There are two swimming pools connected to each other, one for the kids and the other for the adults, both are supplied by the water coming from the falls.

Going down to the falls are somewhat tiring, especially if you haven’t exercised for a while because the stairs are steep. Rocks are slippery because of moss or and falls are not well-maintained and very dangerous for everybody, so extreme care should be taken if you decide to see the falls, dip into it or even if you just want to take pictures.

The whole area is full of trees and green grasses, which are well-maintained. But the shower areas, especially those located below the main area are, I think, not working (I’m really not sure).

For those who are planning to visit Mag-aso Falls, it is approximately a 30-45minute drive from Kabankalan City proper (about 2 hours from Bacolod City). PUV’s are available going to crossing Mag-aso (P30/head), then tricycle going to Mag-aso Falls for only P25/head.

Don’t forget to bring your own food when you want to visit the place because limited groceries are available in some of the sari-sari stores there. Soft and hard drinks are also available.

As for our own experience during the entire nature trip at Mag-aso Falls, I will create a separate post about it, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, enjoy the slideshow here to see most of the views you can also see when you visit the place.

Should you need further literature resources, you can search the web for more info.

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