Happy 4th Birthday My Daughter, Hattie!

Last October 7, was my one and only daughter’s, Baby Tyke, 4th birthday. Sadly, since that was Friday and I had a review class, we were not able to celebrate her birthday, though I bought my daughter a birthday cake from Goldilock’s, and a box of donuts from Mister Donut courtesy of my “students”, Jomel and Nang Mila. We just had a simple and ordinary dinner that night.

The original plan was the next day, October 8, Saturday, we woke up early, and prepared for our nature get-away at Mag-Aso Falls, Kabankalan City. My family, (hubby, Baby Tyke and I), together with my sister, Dream, my sister-in-law (Cute) and my mother, were also with us. Actually, I have already planned for this nature trip a month ago to reward myself for all the hard works and sleepless nights, to give ample and quality time to my husband and my daughter, to spend time with my mother (who is staying in Iloilo City), to have fun and “bonding moments” with Cute and Dream (whom I considered as best friends).

We spend overnight at Mag-Aso Falls, eventhough it was still raining from time to time because there was a typhoon on that week plus another typhoon is set to land on the country so the weather was not really good during that entire week. Even so, we did have a great time and enjoyed each other’s company, thanks to the “no-signal” place that there was no cell phone signal nor broadband signal on the place so we were not distracted on our “holiday”.

I was also glad to bring my mom there and let her experience nature with us. I’m sure she definitely had fun and forgot her worries even for a short period of time. My mom and I, together with my sister-in-law, went down to see the falls (it was my 2nd time there and their first) and enjoyed the panoramic view down there.

We also explored the resort and discovered several small falls up in the hill and enjoyed taking pictures there. Oh, it was really fun, though our bodies are starting to ache because of the sort of “hiking” in going up and down the “hill”.

The night before we went to sleep, I declared that we will be going to Balicaocao Eco Park (another Highland Resort that we have been “frequenting”). They just looked at me with amazement and disbelief but I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. Honestly, I just like to extend my “self-declared holiday” and avoided thinking of my expenses (I’m the one who shouldered all the expenses including my mom’s and sister-in-law’s fare to and from Iloilo). All I want is to enjoy my “once in a blue moon rest days” and give myself the relaxation that I truly deserve.

So, before we checked out the next day, we once again dipped in the pool and the falls to enjoy the beauty of the nature in Mag-Aso Falls once again. Then we checked out around 11:30 in the morning. Before we proceeded to Balicaocao Eco Park (formerly Balicaocao Highland Resort), we had a short trip to the market to buy something for our lunch and dinner as well.

When we were at the Balicacao Eco Park, we were again lucky to have a vacant room (there were only 3 rooms for rent at that time as it is still under construction). They prepared for lunch while I tried to access the internet to check on my emails and some queries and possible orders on my “small online business”. Luckily there were some…important emails (lol). We dipped at the pool after dinner and went to bed around 12 midnight, still feeling the body aches we had from our nature trip at Mag-Aso Falls. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute of that memorable 2-day trips and I’m sure, my family had fun also.

To make this very long post short, we went home the next day around 4 in the afternoon as there is no check out time in Balicaocao Eco Park, unlike in Mag-Aso Falls that check out time is at 9AM.

Oh, I just wish I can have another “self-proclaimed holiday” sooner…Well, I just need to save for that in the meantime…

More pictures of our adventures here: Baby Tyke’s 4th Birthday Pictures

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