What is a Vaginal Mesh? Is It Safe?

Many women have opted to have vaginal mesh implant to prevent pelvic organ prolapse or POP. Vaginal mesh is commonly known as a pelvic sling or a bladder sling and it is surgically implanted within the vaginal area to prevent the bowel and the bladder from slipping off, especially for patients that are diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse.

According to FDA, surgical implant of vaginal mesh has little to no benefit at all and might pose harm to other organs. FDA also added that there some complications that can result from vaginal mesh such as urinary problems, vaginal scarring, pain during intercourse, bowel, bladder and blood vessel perforation, mesh erosion, multiple occurrences of prolapse, injuries to other organs, especially during the procedure, and infection, among others.

For those who suffered or are suffering from this complications, vaginal mesh lawsuit can now be filed and reparation can be sought.

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