Spa Riviera Birthday Treat for My Mom

Last Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2011, I happen to be in Iloilo for some important matters. Naturally, it will be a perfect time to visit Spa Riviera, which I have been longing to give a visit for quite sometime before this post (^_^). Anyway, after my transactions, the next day I decided to finally pay Spa Riviera a visit, together with my mom, as an advance birthday gift to her because I will not be with her on her birthday on the 11th of September. When I told her about the plan, she was enthusiastically excited.

To make the long story short, we were in the lobby of Spa Riviera few minutes before 4 in the afternoon. The receptionist gladly entertained us and informed us that we’re lucky because at 4PM onwards the prices of some of their services are increased (for at least P50.00, or so I noticed).

I availed a full body scrub and a whole body massage, since I want to give back to my self (physically) for all the “hard works” I’ve been dong lately. Actually, I want to try other services, too, like facial scrub, foot scrub, foot massage and other relaxing ex–SPA-rience, as I call it, but Nanay (mother) is in a hurry because she has to attend to an important meetingn at 7PM. So, as for my mom, she just availed Body and a foot scrub.

Then we went upstairs and were greeted by their friendly and customer-oriented staffs, unlike those at the Chair Spa in Bacolod City. We were given towels and a key to our locker. We took a quick shower and didn’t bother to have a steam bath (since Nanay was really in a hurry).

I was escorted to the same room where I was given a relaxing body scrub during my previous visit almost a year ago. No perfect words can explain how I felt that time… The feeling was just beyond my comprehension. No, I’m not being exaggerated here, it’s just that spa services are just my weaknesses. The one who gave me the body scrub (I don’t know how they’re called ^_^) was polite enough to ask me how I feel or if the pressure of scrubbing my body is just fine. After the scrub, I took a quick shower, to cleanse my body.

Next, my favorite body massage! If the body scrub was beyond my comprehension, then, I don’t know how to describe how I felt when the girl started her “rituals” on me… There’s only one thing I can say, about the whole body massage experience, I caught myself literally drooling” because of the very relaxing experience. Oh, before it even ended, I’m thinking of missing Spa Riviera again.

Please take note that I’m not being paid here or given any compensation to blog about this Spa Riviera, I’m just sharing my experience of having to visit a Spa once again after almost a year. As for my mom, she was enjoying her foot scrub that I thought she fell asleep.

There was just a minor suggestion that I’d like to point out – the background music was all instrumental so instead of enjoying the feeling of being massaged, there were times that I can’t totally felt relaxed because at the back of my mind, I was thinking of the lyrics of each song being played in the background… I already contacted their customer service and they promised to change the music right away…

Over all, the experience, was something that I will certainly miss just like the previous visits. Oh, if only they have a branch here in Negros Occidental… I have tried other Spa but this is the only place where I feel safe and comfortable…

Until my next visit. I just hope that Nanay enjoyed my birthday treat to her on her 55th birthday! Advance Happy Birthday, Nanay! I love you very much!

Note: There were no pictures because I left my camera and cellphone shots are too dark because lights are dimmed inside the spa area…

I suggest that maybe sooner they will offer acupuncture that works so that I can try it…

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