Nature Trip @ Mambukal Resort, Murcia, Negros Occidental

Last Monday, my family (husband, daughter and I) decided to have a break and enjoy a nature trip at Negros Occidental‘s one of the many tourist spots, the Mambukal Resort that lies 1,200 feet or about 366 meters above sea level and serves as a gateway to the Mount Kanlaon Volcano. It is famous for its breath-taking seven (7) waterfalls.

In addition, Mambukal Resort likewise offers some more fun activities for those who decided to pay them a visit. Activities at Mambukal Resort include the 200m- Slide for Life (Zip Line), Wall Climbing, Boating, Canopy walk (Hanging Bridge), Butterfly Garden, Bat Watching, Ishiwata Bathhouse, Warm Sulfur Dipping Pool (Sulfur/hot spring pool) and of course, the approximately two (2) hours of trek to see and be awed by Mambukal Resort‘s seven waterfalls! Two swimming pools are also present for those who simply wants to swim! And for those who want to loosen their already tightened muscles, Spa Natura (located beside the dipping pool) is there to serve you together with some other service offered by a Spa Saloon in the city.

INature Trip @ Mambukal Resort, Murcia, Negros Occidental

Anyway, we stayed there for the night since the next day (Tuesday) is also a holiday to celebrate the end of Ramadan. On our first day, my daughter just “soaked” herself to the kids pool the whole day until 9 in the evening! I’m just glad that my students were there because they’re the ones who became my “nannies” for the day….lol


As for me and my hubbie, while my daughter seemed “engrossed” in her “swimming escapades”, we strolled around some part of the 23.6 hectares of the resort to familiarize the area. Later that day, my husband and I decided to try their dipping pool, which is said to have medicinal effect in treating skin conditions like eczema, scabies, psoriasis and the like. In our part, we tried it because we simply want to relax our tired muscles for a long day. Next we visited the butterfly garden, where we posed for planking and owling (lol).

mother and daughter owling with style

After dinner, we decided to have a night swim at their Mamboo Pool, that caters to the resort’s overnight guests. Around 10PM, we decided to end the day and take a good night sleep because we will be hiking early in the morning the next day.

We woke up around 6 in the morning and got ready for the “hike of my life”. That was my first sort of mountain hiking in a stony, slippery and steep hill just to see the seven waterfalls that Mambukal Resort is well-known for, at least that was the original plan. As for my daughter, since she’s still soundly asleep, we decided to leave her with my students.

So, we started our trek, around 7:30 in the morning. When I saw the steep stairs going out of the main resort towards the bush in the forest, I had second thoughts, but then again, I told myself, I really have to do it for self-fulfillment and a one-of-a-kind experience in my part. Before we reached the first waterfalls, I was already profusely sweating, ear-braking palpitations and had shaky lower extremities. Well, the “suffering” continued until we reached the 6th waterfalls. By the way, we have a few stop-overs because my heart was already pounding forcefully.

It was forbidden to swim from the 1st to the 4th waterfalls because they’re too deep and broken glasses are present in the falls and they’re obviously dangerous. The fifth and 6th waterfalls was just a few meters apart, so we decided to dip our sweating bodies on the 6th waterfalls. Oh, the water was so cold (it’s around 9am) I think I’m freezing! But my body had adjusted to the temperature in no time. Savoring the cold water of the waterfalls that’s forcefully flowing over my back, made me realize that my “suffering” is all worth it! It’s really an amazing experience. Just thankful that the tour guide took initiative to use my camera and took pictures of us while dipping in the falls.
Then we asked the guide how far is the 7th waterfalls, and when he told us that we have to walk for around 40mins more, we decided not to continue, not just because we’re too tires, but because we’re thinking of our daughter plus the fact that our check out time is 12noon or else we have to pay for the whole day charge. We then returned to our cottage around 10am. Changed our wet clothes and decided to make our stay memorable before we check out.

I tried the Slide for Life (Zip Line), my hubbie took charge with our daughter, since children are not allowed to experience the Slide for Life. Next, we tried boating and lastly, around 11:30, we experienced the Canopy (hanging bridge) walk. It was my first time, but since I have no fear of heights, I had no problem with it. It was a fun and memorable experience for the three (hubbie, Baby Tyke and I) of us to try the canopy walk!

By the way, we did the bat watching when we were in the dipping pool on our first day, and during our hike earlier that day. According to one of the workers there, there are about a million bats inhabiting the place and some have grown to be more than a kilogram!

Before we returned to our cottage to keep our things for the check out, we bought some food at the Resort’s Food court. Though, expectedly, the prices are dear, I would like to mention that the staffs at the food court are customer oriented and I think they are very well trained to attend to the needs of the guests.

We checked out arounf 12:30 pm and just got lucky that we were not charged for the excess time… Whew!

Before I end this post, I would like to post here the fees/tariff of Mambukal Resort as of August 29, 2011:

Entrance Fee

Adult – P30.00

Children below 11 yrs. old – P 10.00

Swimming pools (including the dipping pool)

Adult – P 50.00

Children 11 yrs old and below – P20.00


Wall Climbing – P25.00

Slide for Life – P50.00

Canopy Walk – P50.00

Boating – P30.00/person

Butterfly garden – P20.00/person

Check in time is 2:00PM and Check out time is 12:00 noon.

As for our accommodation, we rented an LGU cottage (airconditioned with own CR and 3 double decks)  good for 6 persons for only P1500.00

For reservations, I went to Mambukal Resort Office at Bacolod City‘s Old Capitol Building where I paid half (P750.00) for advanced booking. You can also contact them at (034) 709-0990 or (034) 7100-801.

Since this seems to be a long post already, I will make a separate post on each activity that I’ve tried at Mambukal Resort. So, I guess, until here for now and I hoped you enjoyed reading my experience and watching the pictures (more pictures here: ^_^


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