New Infolinks Marketplace: Self-Service In-Text Advertising

Infolinks, the fastest growing network in terms of in-text advertising, has launched a new service offered by their Infolinks Marketplace. The latest innovation aims to better serve both the publishers and the advertisers with the first and only Self-Service In-Text Advertising Marketplace. From the usual Infolinks Marketplace in-text advertising, it has already evolved into Related Tags, to Tag Clouds, to Search Widget and now this latest Self-Service In-Text Advertising Marketplace, which is definitely more beneficial but still as quickly and as easy to set up and manage, just like the previous services.

Self-Service In-Text Advertising

Since every month, Infolinks brings advertising campaigns to 250 billion pages of content reaching more than 350 million unique visitors, its latest addition to its innovative technology, the Self-Service In-Text Advertising Marketplace, is designed to allow the advertisers (whether small or large advertisers) to easily set up an In-Text Advertising campaign, with a wide range of targeting options in no time!

This advertising marketplace is intended to provide the same ease and convenience of creating advertising campaigns like Google AdWords, while giving the advertisers an alternative of selecting the targeted keywords most relevant for branding. Furthermore, this feature, as mentioned, is likewise good news to all the Infolinks publishers since they can generate additional traffic to their own websites or blogs, plus the fact that publishers can easily create their own branded In-Text Ad campaigns specifically for their websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter Account, YouTube Channel and other social networking sites.

To give you an idea of how Infolinks Self-Service In-Text Advertising Marketplace works, here are some of its main features:

  • User Friendly – Create an In-Text advertising campaign in minutes
  • Keyword Selection -Select and own your branded keywords across the Web
  • Keyword Bidding – Segment your geographic and vertical market budgeting
  • Advanced Optimization – Customize your reach and maximize ROI
  • Real-Time Reporting – Monitor and continuously improve your brand lift

Infolinks new self-service model now makes it easy for anyone familiar with Google Adwords to quickly launch an In-Text Advertising campaign,” said Tomer Treves, Chief Marketing Officer of Infolinks. “Other services match advertisements to relevant keyword searches, the entire context of the website or the interests of the user. With Infolinks In-Text Advertising Marketplace, people are actively choosing to open the advertisement in a contextually relevant environment making them much more open to the advertiser’s message. Our service is an advertiser’s dream come true.”

Now, for advertisers who are excited to create an advertiser account at Infolinks, simply head on to the Advertisers’ Section of Infolinks Marketplace by registering here: Advertisers Register here . As for those who are interested to become Infolinks’ publisher, you can sign up here: Publisher Sign Up.

For more information about this service, you may read Infolink’s Official Press Release here: Self-Service In-Text Advertising Marketplace

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