How to Have the New Facebook Timeline – A Step by Step Instruction

Lately, most Facebook users are annoyed of what has gone through the heads of the Facebook adminsk especially to Mark Zuckerberg. In short, Facebook has changed again! Facebook has a new face again!

Personally, since I’m a regular user of Facebook (not that I’m addicted to it but because I market my “Shirts 4 Sale” in this Social Networking Site), I got sort of confused the first I was greeted with the “new Facebook”, but later I gradually managed around…

Now another “new Facebook” is about to launch but we can have a grip of it ahead of others – It’s Called Facebook Timeline; together with a Two Column Homepage. How? Here are the quicksteps on how to have the New Facebook Timeline:

1. Log in to your Facebook account then head to this link – – if it asks for your password, please enter it, then click allow if you are asked to.

2. On the next page, please click on “Create new app”.

3. Fill up the name whatever you want that name to be, it doesn’t matter. Next, click on the checkbox “I agree to the platform privacy policy.” then click Continue.

4. Provide the Captcha to prove that you’re human and in order for you to continue.

5. Click the “Open Graph” on the next page. You can find it on the left of the of the page.

6. On the next screen, fill the blank spaces with anything you want as it doesn’t really matter then click Get Started.

7. Click on “Save Changes and Next” for the next two screens until you’re done.

8. Then wait for about 5mins before you return to your Facebook Profile page.

9. On your homepage, you will see a notification where you have to click the “Get It Now” button in order for the “new” Facebook Timeline to enjoy the new Facebook!

Hope you enjoy this new interface!… ^_^

Thanks to (from where I grabbed this tutorial).

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