My First Ever Featured Post from Possibly Pinay

This is the first time that I will be having a featured post here in my blog. The post was from Possibly Pinay. I decided to feature a particular post of her because, I, myself, love to travel, too! (though I can only afford local destinations…) and I kinda envy her because she has almost “circled” the world!
possibly pinay
Anyway, one of the tourist destination that I really plan to visit in the not-so-distant-future (hopefully) is the Disneyland! I don’t care fr om which Disneyland it is, as long as it’s the “Authentic Disneyland”. Now, let’s talk about Possibly Pinay’s particular post entitled, Disneyland: 1986 vs. 2011, while reading over her post, I could not help but smile by the photos she posted when she was still a child. What made it more interesting is that, the older photos taken on 1986, were placed beside the photos of here and her daughter on the same place, which were taken just this year, 2011.

Oh, this really made me more eager to visit the place and bring my daughter, too! She also loves Disney Movies and knows almost all the Disney Characters!

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