JCopia Captures Flash Video, Audio and Streaming from Any Website

If you happen to know me or if you have been visiting my blog(s), I’m sure by know you already guessed that I’m a self-confessed movie addict. Yes, that’s correct! Actually, I have already made a separate blog containing movies that I have already seen or I am planning to watch. Sadly, I haven’t updated it for quite sometime now because I have been having difficulties downloading free movies online lately.


Luckily, I have found JCopia that made my life a little bit convenient, especially in terms of downloading movies online from websites like Youtube, Google Video, MySpace, DailyMotion, Metacafe and Break among others. Aside from capturing streams from any websites, audios and flash videos embedded in other blogs can  also be captured by JCopia. All I have to do is simply play the video or audio online and JCopia automatically detects it and begins to download and save it in my computer! In addition, radio stream, Flash game or presentation that is played in my browser can also be downloaded and saved by JCopia.

It’s really amazing how a small 1.6MB tool can do all of these stuufs! If you don’t believe me, you can download a free trial of JCopia by clicking this link: Try JCopia now for FREE! Then if you are already satisfied (like me) by how JCopia tool serves you, you can opt to buy for the full version for only $17.99!

Below are the detailed features of JCopia:

For more information regarding this product, you can opt to click the link that follows: Capture flash video and audio from any website to your computer

Feel free to learn more about JCopia from video on youtube:

What are you waiting for? Try it now and start watching movies or listening to your favorite music totally FREE!

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