SkyWalk Adventure @ Crown Regency, Cebu City

Last July 14, 2011, around 7pm, I decided to try the first Skywalk Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City, togethere with my former student, Ginger and my fellow RadTech from La Union (whom we just met during the midyear convention.
Sky Walk Adventure @ Night

We paid P650.00 at the 19th floor of the hotel, where their reception for the Sky Extreme Adventures are located. The fee includes an entrance pass, a baller souvenir and a Skywalk Adventure. We were asked if we were wearing rubber shoes because it’s required during the Skywalk, since my student and I were wearing sandals, we were told that the Hotel are lending shoes for free but we have to buy socks, which only cost P20.00 (in case we don’t have socks).

After paying, we were told to go to the 38th floor (of course using the elevator), where the Skywalk Adventure facility is located. At the counter, we presented our tickets, filled up and signed a sort of consent form then instructed to take off all our jewelries, including the watch and leave all our staffs (unfortunately, including our camera) inside a locker. Then we were given jumpsuits, like those montane clothing, to wear and a pair of shoes. After then, we were taken outside (the building for the Skywalk), secured with harness.

During the entire Skywalk Adventure, we were assisted by their two funny staffs, who entertained us all throughout the adventure. I guess they were really trained to that to ease the customer’s anxiety, especially for those who have altophobiaor the fear of heights. Their strategy is really effective to calm those who are tense. As for me, I felt like the “tour” was just a stroll around the park. No palpitations, no adrenalin rush, even if we were asked to walk near the edge and have a look down the road 38 floors below.

An official photographer is also with us during the “trip” to take pictures of us, choreographed pictures, that is. We were instructed to do some poses, where we can redeem later for P230.00 (5R size) each. No, we don’t have to buy all the pictures, we just have to select which ones we like best and they will gladly print the pictures for us.

So, after the trip, the crew took the harness off us, then we took off our jumpsuits, claimed our certificates (yes, after the adventure, we were given a free certificate to prove that we have survived it!), selected the pictures we want to have, got our stuffs from the locker and decided to go home (to the pension house where we were staying).
Edge of Skywalk @ Crown Regency
I guess for others, they will really enjoy the adventure and even invite their friends and family to try the Skywalk Adventure, too! But as for me, it’s really like a walk in the park, maybe because I’m too adventurous for it. But in fairness, the staffs were very friendly and customer-oriented, especially those who assisted us during the entire Skywalk Adventure trip.

Anyway, I know that my P650.00 is worth it thinking of the fact that it’s the only Skywalk Adventure in the country and I’m privileged to have have experienced it. Now, I have something new to add to my achievements. But you know what? I also tried the Crown Regency’s Edge Coaster and Tower Zip (Zip Line) Sky Adventure and that’s what I’ll blog next…so stay tuned…

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