Review of the Chair Spa @ 888 Chinatown Square Bacolod City

I have been longing for another Spa Experience. It has been more than a year now that I had my last spa experience at Spa Riviera, Iloilo City Branch. Actually, I am anxious to try other spa salon because I’m afraid of wasting my money plus I’m also concerned with the privacy policy.
Express Chair Spa
Anyway, since I was at 888 Chinatown Square yesterday, I decided to try Chair Spa, not to avail of the spa service but to have a pedicure and foot scrub. I paid P200.00 for a pedicure and foot scrub. The one who entertained me was really customer-oriented and entertained me well. She’s good in sales, too, I noticed. I think she’s the owner or someone who has a high position in that branch.

Then, she called Angelie, one of the staff, and instructed her to attend to my needs. I was brought on the second floor, the lower ground floor was for salon services, I guess. I sat at one of their spa chairs, oh, I remembered my spa experience again at Spa Riviera.

She cleaned my feet, washed off the dirt under dim light and performed the requisites for a foot scrub (still under dim light!). The music playing in the background was very relaxing and calming, just like the ones played in Spa Riviera (forgive me for I can’t help but compare it). After the foot scrub, she lightly massage each of my foot and it was really a very good experience since my weakness is a foot massage. Because of that, I decided to give her a good “tip”.

After the scrub, she prepared for the pedicure. I thought she’s still going to do it under dim light but she brought with her a lamp shade. Nothing remarkable about the pedicure except that two of my toes bleed…huhuhu…But in fairness to her, she has a pair of “light hands”. The bleeding was not that painful.

Enough about my experience. Let’s proceed with my observations about the environment and their staff. The second floor or the their room on the second floor is were comfort room, the massage, body scrub and other spa services are done. It’s not that spacious but I would like to commend the owner for making every corner of the room “useful”.There where 3 sort of Sofa-like chair spa (I don’t know the right term for it ^_^), where I sat at the middle. 3 Express chair spa in front of me and beds (I don’t know how many) covered by heavy curtains.

Express Chair Spa

I was the first customer that time, then after a while, a couple, a man and a woman also went up. The man and woman availed the express chair spa, which was performed in front of me. I envy them that time because of they were “goodly massaged”. I just noticed that the two girls who were doing the express chair spa were talking to each other while doing their jobs and they were even pausing from their work at some time just to say something to the other. The couple availed the full body massage. The wife was seated beside me, while her husband was brought inside a curtain-covered corner with bed.

I would like to emphasize that the other staffs who were already upstairs did not bother to greet the customers, which reminded me that Angelie, did not greeted me with a “good afternoon” when I met her downstairs.

I also noticed that some of their staffs were sleeping (or resting) on some of the beds earlier when there was still no customers. Also, male and female customers are in the same room which is not so “private” for me. I’m just glad I didn’t availed the whole body scrub that time.

On the lighter note, what can I expect? I think I have no right to compare it with other Spa Salon like Spa Riviera because their different. Chair Spa was an express spa service which aimed to cater to busy people who want to avail an express spa or massage at an affordable price.

Conclusion? I think I’m going to be back for an express massage at a reasonable and affordable price. I just wish they don’t have a disabled shower. But if I want a relaxing experience and really want to reward and pamper myself to the max, I’ll try either the Royal Spa or Spa Natura here in Bacolod City but if I have a choice, I’d still be back at Spa Riviera!

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