Review of Sky Extreme Adventures @ Crown Regency, Cebu City

Last time, I have blogged about my experience on Skywalk Aventure @ Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City. Now, as promised, I’m going to share to you another firsts in my life. First Edge Coaster and first Tower Zip or Urban Zip or commonly known as Zip Line Adventure, still at Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City and sort of review about the Sky Extreme Adventures.
Tower Zip
So after the PART’s Midyear Convention, last July 16, 2011, instead of staying with the officers, spend some good time and perhaps drink wine like meridian vineyards merlot 1996, I opted to go a little bit “Extreme!” I decided to go back to Crown Regency with my former student (now my colleague), Ginger. Since we will be going home the next day (July 17), I told myself that I should try the whole Sky Extreme Adventure before I go because I’ll never know if when I can come back again and of course, if I have the budget for it the next time.

Anyway, we paid P1,100.00 for the whole Sky Extreme Adventure combo package, which included Skywalk (again?!), Edge Coaster and Tower Zip. Guess what?! If I only avail Edge Coaster and Tower Zip, I’d pay more than P1,100.00! So Ginger and I decided to avail the combo even if it means doing the Skywalk again. Anyway, we just told ourselves it will be another adventure, another fun at the Skywalk because it’s still daylight (5:00PM), while the first experience is already dark (7:00PM).
Edge Coaster Adventure
We first tried the Edge Coaster, before that, we were advised to leave our jewelries and bags at the counter for safety purposes. We were the only “adventurers” to ride the Edge Coaster that time because the rain was pouring lightly that time. Before it was turned on, we were instructed that there is a control located in front of us for the tilting of the Edge Coaster and the maximum tilt is 55 degrees, just in case we’re “afraid”, we can adjust it manually. I was also a little bit anxious because I thought we will wear some safety gear like harness or something like that, but there was none and the only support we have is the sort of “lock system” of the Edge Coaster seat.

To my surprise, we were tilted 55 degrees during the whole trip! Oh, I’m so proud of my self! And you know what? Ginger and I just felt we were just walking in the park again during the whole trip despite our position. We even remembered faking our “fearful shouts” during the accelerated speed when approaching the corners of the building. But that was really fun!

After the Edge Coaster Adventure, we claimed our certificates, (for free) and selected the photos to bring home (P230/each for 5R). Then, claimed our personal belongings and proceeded to experience the Skywalk. We did the same routine/preparations just like our first try, which was discussed in detailed in my previous post, SkyWalk Adventure @ Crown Regency.

Skywalk Adventure

It was another fun experience at the Skywalk because we were assisted by another set of funny staffs that made our whole Skywalk Adventure much more fun than our first try. Though, we still felt like it’s another “walk in the park” (lol).

Lastly, yes, we really planned to put the Tower Zip Adventure at the end of our list because we like it to be something more thrilling and exciting that we can’t “move on” from it until we go home! From the 38th floor of the building where the Skywalk Adventure was located, we went back to the 39th floor (where the Edge Coaster was located) to enter the Tower Zip entrance. Actually, Tower Zip is located on the 40th floor of Crown Regency.

We were instructed to wear the Jumpsuit, rubber shoes (they can lend them for free but you have to buy socks for P20 if you don’t have one) and helmet. Again, we left our jewelries and staffs inside the locker. Then we took the stairs going to the 40th floor, which was quite “laborious” for me. I even told Ginger that Edge Coaster and Skywalk Adventures never made me sweat and caused me palpitations but going up the stairs made me both (sweat and palpitate).
Tower Zip
Anyway, many “adventurers” were there in the 40th floor. The staffs were not that warm and accommodating just like those in the Edge Coaster and Skywalk Adventure. Although they crack jokes at times (while preparing us for the “jump”), still I found it not as warm as the “others”. There was this time that they spoke in Bisaya or Cebuana (their local language) and talked about me being “heavy weight or fat”. They thought I don’t understood! Grrrr….I just simply played dumb because I don’t want to ruin my experience simply because of that.

Anyway, when it was Ginger and I’s turn, I was instructed to step forward, meaning step out of the “floor”, jump or “let go”. I was somewhat hesitant and felt a little bit nervous at that instant but I just told myself, ‘This is is! I really have to do it now!”. So, I did! and after somewhat like a flash (approx 8 seconds), or just a wink of an eye, or so they say, Ginger and I were already on the other tower or the other building, 250 feet away from where we were.
Tower Zip
Oh, it was really a worth-it-a-try adventure, a thrilling experience, a true adrenalin rush trip! Oh, I really want to try it again!…Anyway, in order for us to get back to Crown Regency’s building/Tower, we were sky-lifted, it is where we were hanging (sitting position) from the cable and slowly being lifted back to the tower. During this time, Sky Lift made us see the entire Cebu City, approximately almost 500 feet below.

Before we went down the stairs (going back to the reception area) we passed by a rock climbing area, where we we’re lucky to take some photos feigning like we were really climbing! But because it was already dark (approx 7PM), the pictures taken were somewhat dark and blurred because we just used our cellphones because my camera has an empty battery already!

At the reception area, we claimed our certificates (free) and “redeemed” some of our photos (P450.00 for 1 5R and 2 3R’s). While we were waiting for our pictures to be printed, we scanned their photo albums, which was displayed, and was surprised to know that last July 14, 2011, Sports Unlimited‘s Hosts, Dyan Castillejo and Marc Nelson, were there trying the Sky Extreme Adventures!

We felt a little bit bad because it was the same date that we tried the Skywalk Adventure, although at a later time. Dyan Castillejo and Marc Nelson, was there earlier that day, based on photos, while we were there later, which was already dark. Sayang!

Overall, Sky Extreme Adventures, though a little bit “pricey”, is really worth it’s name. I never had a single regret, even at the back of my mind, that I spend some hard-earned money on it and tried it!. The adventures were really worth listing in my “Personal Achievements”.

Before I end this post, I would just like to share a little trivia:Tower Zip is the first Urban Zip in the world! And from what I have heard, though I haven’t confirmed it yet, Edge Coaster is likewise the first in the world! See?! I should be really proud that I have tried this “Firsts in the World!”.

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